April 2017: Working on my coursework, assignment and dissertation


Three pieces of group coursework, one individual assignment and the selection of a dissertation topic were the highlights of this month. My classmates and I used to complain about the heavy workload of the first semester as we had no clue about what would be following. In the second semester we got a more in depth look into the Data Analytics field which was reflected by the difficulty level of our assignments.

Despite the countless group meetings and studying hours, it wasn’t all work and no play, so we had some fun times. The Business Analytics students flooded every computer cluster in the Dover Street building and spent literally days and nights there working mainly on the Data Analytics unit. By the time the submissions deadline came, every group possessed their seats in the Dover Street clusters.

Rewarding us for our hard-work, our presentations were crowned with success, at least and hopefully not only, in our eyes. After the presentation in Data Analytics we had to focus on the technical report but after our successful performance in the Simulation and Risk Analysis unit we enjoyed a burrito break at Pancho’s Burritos.  The choice was not random, as the Simulation assignment was based on a fast-food restaurant with the same name.

Apart from the coursework, we also had to select a dissertation topic. This refers to a final individual project where the acquired knowledge of the taught units is applied. Students have to devote their summer time working on it, as it comprises a distinct part of obtaining the MSc degree. We were initially provided with a list of topics of which we had to select 5-7 subjects and rank them according to our preference. This means that students may be assigned their least preferred option but, in my case, I was more than lucky as I was assigned my first choice.

For those who will have to make their own ranking next year, I would suggest that you first have a look at all the topics. Don’t be prejudiced and exclude projects just because of their title and a few description notes. Try to contact and consult the supervisors who are able to give you more details and guide you on your selection.


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Coffee at Whitworth Art Gallery

After presentation in Data Analytics

Pancho’s burritos restaurant

Data Analytics lab


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