April 2017: Easter Break in Manchester


During April the Masters course stops for a while due to the Easter holiday, allowing you to take a break from studies. This year it lasted for three weeks, from 31 March to 24 April.

Manchester is very quiet during this period. Most people and families use this holiday to take some time off, considering that there is also a two-week school break, so if you stay in the city it would be like living in a ghost town. In that sense, I totally understand them. I love Manchester, but in April the weather doesn’t get any warmer than 12°C on average. Many people and some of my classmates escaped south, looking for sunnier days.

In my case, my father came to visit during the first week of this month so I took some time off to show him the city. As I have mentioned in previous posts, despite the weather, Manchester has a lot of things to offer (especially if you stay here during the Easter break). We spent some time walking around the city centre, going to pubs and visiting museums.

A good piece of advice: most of the museums are entrance-free and are really fascinating. The city’s history and heritage make them a must-see. For instance, there is the Museum of Science and Industry, that shows the city’s key role in the Industrial Revolution; the People’s History Museum, which exhibits the story of Britain’s march to democracy with a special focus on the history of trade unions; and the Manchester Art Gallery, which holds a wonderful collection of British art including paintings of Northern England’s artist LS Lowry and one artwork of the celebrated Banksy. Particularly, my father enjoyed Chetham’s Library and School of Music, one of the city’s oldest buildings and where Friedrich Engels met with Karl Marx in 1845 to work on their political ideas. We also were lucky to visit a temporary exhibition of Andy Warhol at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Regarding the Masters course, we still have a couple of weeks left until the end of classes. The units have been really interesting and now I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about culminating an important part of the Masters and starting to work on the Dissertation, when I won’t be able to see my classmates so often.

An important notice! The dates for the final exams of the second semester are now available. Fortunately, they were scheduled in a very organised way. We will have one final assessment per week, so there will be enough time to prepare for each one of them.

Now I will get some rest before starting to think about how I will approach the exam period.


Visiting UoM

Visiting Chetham’s Library

My Father and I in Manchester

Andy Warhol’s Exhibition at The Whitworth Art Gallery


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