April 2017: 6 student food and drink tips in Manchester


I’ve just finished eating WAY too much chocolate over the Easter weekend, so in line with food I thought I’d share some of my top tips to consider and explore for when you start your Masters journey here in Manchester.


Ah, Coffee! The lifeblood of those burning the candle at both ends. Whether it’s those long library days and nights, 3 hour lectures or horrible hangovers caffeine will become your best friend. Never will you see more students pop out of class during the 10-minute half-time break and head to the nearest campus café. You can get an Americano for around £1.30 as most buildings have a café.

Tip 1:

Pick up a loyalty card and the lovely staff often generously stamp the first 4 of 10 stamps for you and by the tenth one you’ll be on your way to a free hot beverage!

Tip 2:

Register for Food On Campus (http://www.foodoncampus.manchester.ac.uk/) and top up your Student Card with £5-10 at any campus till. Why? Paying with your student card saves you 10% on all food and drinks. KER-CHING!

Tip 3:

When cash is tight, bring your own coffee flask. This gives you some more savings (you could end up with an Americano for about £1.05 combining Tip 1 & 2). Also, if you’re really strapped for cash, carry a small pot of coffee or teabags around with you and grab hot water at all Café’s for 40 to 50p.

Supermarket meal deals

Campus is surrounded by retail outlets which get really busy from midday onwards as students rush to grab lunch. Whilst there’s the SU restaurant and Uni Place offerings where you can pick up some food for £5+, and the usual Subway, McDonalds and Dominos offerings nearby, supermarkets are often good value giving you a main, drink and snack for £3. Sainsburys is the closest to campus, however just around the corner is Morrisons which has much better choice and a great fresh salad and hot food choice for £3 too – an International Business and Management course favourite!


If you hate buying water like I do, then don’t leave your water bottle at home! There’s free water fountains all over campus to help us all stay hydrated.

Kro Bar

Situated right opposite the library and SU, if you wanted to treat yourself Kro Bar is worth a shout. From great breakfasts, to BOGOF lunches and student deals. They also offer delicious Scandinavian food too. Their front and rear terraces are great when the sun’s out and you want to celebrate a good group presentation with a beer.

If you become a Kro Bar fan…check out Big Hands opposite Sainsburys for more of the same, good music and a roof balcony. Further down Oxford Road towards town you will also find The Footage, Nandos and a student favourite – Archies!


At the start of the year, campus is very busy and excitable. Make sure you visit the Fresher’s Fair for FREE PIZZA (as much as you want…but one slice at a time!). You’ll probably come away with loads of leaflets and promotions and my advice is to take everything you can. I managed to get about 5 free lunches from my favourite sandwich shop Greggs, a couple of free burritos at Changos, discounts on food at Wetherspoons Paramount Pub…as well as half price Spotify, free Gym trials and a whole host more.

Tip: You’ll get annoyed by people offering you the world at Freshers, but speak to everyone and you could save some serious money and feed yourself for free for the first month!

Hidden Gems

If you want to escape the bustle of Oxford Road, be sure to check out the Starbucks located in City Labs next to the Hospital. There’s also Christie’s Bistro tucked away inside and upstairs at Whitworth Hall at the heart of campus. Early in the Semester there is also the Café at Alliance Manchester Business School East on Floor F – we have no lectures there but that’s where all our teaching staff have offices and it’s pretty quiet the first few months of term.

If you’re feeling bamboozled about all these various places, I’ve handily mapped them out for you here on Google Maps.


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