Semester 1 – great memories and great friends


Time has flown by and it is already the end of Semester 1. In a nutshell, it has been quite amazing – friends and good memories made, some studying done, jobs applied to. Some key things to share:

  1. Brathay Trip during Induction Week

Probably one of the best trips in my life. This 24-hour experience was all about making memories and building relationships with your course mates. I do not want to give too much away but you can be involved in anything from rowing to rock climbing. There is no obligation to do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing, and every activity is built around teamwork, collaboration and support.

  1. Start of lectures, group course works

Second week into arriving at Manchester and things are starting to get busier. If you are wondering what the workload is like, we have 4 modules each taking 3 teaching hours a week, so 12 hours per week plus independent study. Depending on your modules choices, you will typically have 2 different group tasks to do (and they take time). One tip from me: book group study rooms in the library and do it well in advance, so you always have a room for your group to do work.

  1. More things to get involved with – Oktoberfest, Christmas Market, Morrisons trek

Your uni experience is not all about studying, is not it? Manchester has quite a lot of social things on offer – some of the events my course mates and me have been to the Oktoberfest and Christmas Market.

Luckily for our German friends, you do not need to go to Munich for Oktoberfest, there is a mini version of it, here in Manchester. Fancy dancing on the tables, drinking beer, eating pretzels and having fun, this event is for you! Tip: get a student ticket that will get you a good deal on beer. On that note, make sure you take advantage of your student card, there are discounts for student everywhere. Christmas market is the other nice activity to go to. Get your Christmas spirit by enjoying delicious food, drinks and maybe buy some gifts for your family and friends too.

I also had a chance to attend the Morrisons trek, organised by our own AMBS Careers Service. The trip involved a factory tour, Q&A’s with the CEO and presentations from senior employees. It was interesting to learn more about operations and supply chain in the retail industry, and get your questions answered. If you have an opportunity to attend this when you are here at AMBS, definitely do it (there were also freebies from Morrisons at the end!)


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