My first impressions of Manchester


Before I came here, the thought of living out of my comfort zone seemed daunting for me. Thankfully, it all disappeared ever since I arrived in Manchester and received the hospitality from all the people who picked us up. The orientation week I participated in was full of exciting events, including campus and city bus tours, freebies fair, and postgraduate ice-breaking events in which I met many new people from various countries and courses. I would also mention Brathay trip as one of my most enjoyable experience during the week, because I had to do challenging outdoor activities that I never tried before. It was also our first teamwork exercise that taught us how to collaborate to achieve the same goal in such a diverse environment. Overall, the transition was even smoother than I expected and I fell in love at the first sight with the city and its people.

Induction week was over, time for the real life to begin. In my first semester, I had three mandatory modules (Cross-Sectional Econometrics, Corporate Financial Reporting, and Asset Pricing) and one elective module (I chose Portfolio Investments). At first, I thought that it would not consume much of my time, as I will only have four or five sessions per week (each lasts for two or three hours), comparing to my undergrad degree when I got even nine or ten sessions per week. As time goes by, it was proven wrong. As a postgraduate student, we have to do more independent study to cover the materials that are not explained in detail in the class. For this additional study, the video recordings really help us to review the materials.  We could also learn in comfortable study spaces that are distributed all around the campus.

Beside of classes, I love to join workshops, talks, and networking events held by the University. There are so many activities that could expose me to meet different people, and in the same time develop my soft skills. I also participated in societies. There are many societies offered that could accommodate every student’s interest, whether it is arts, sports, beliefs, you name it. You could also sign-up and represent other students in your student union, accommodation hall, or other opportunities if you fancy for organisational things.

Weekend is what I am always longing for, because I could have time to take a break for a while and explore the surroundings. Living in Manchester is really nice as everywhere is within walking distance. The city might not be the prettiest city I have ever seen, but it does have something that make it is pleasurable for sightseeing. I occasionally travel to nearby cities too. All of these things keep me busy and I enjoy my new life, when every day never feels the same. I am excited to face upcoming months and reveal what other fascinating things that Manchester will offer me during the year.


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