MSc, Autumn leaves and a quick first semester!


The first few weeks at Manchester have been a blur. I have now been in Manchester 2 months and everyday has been as exciting as the next.  The first few weeks were definitely a challenge and a little daunting as I tried to get used to a new city and academic program.

The masters has definitely been more intensive than I expected. As the autumn leaves have turned increasingly into different shades of orange and crimson, deadlines and work load has been increasing too. Every day I have around 2 hours of lectures followed by 4-5 hours of personal studying. I’ve definitely been enjoying the diversity of areas and topics we are learning across the Marketing course from marketing analytics, to management and cash flow right through to innovation creation. Learning a variety of these skills and disciplines is allowing me to discover new areas I enjoy as well as further my knowledge of quintessential marketing strategy.

The group work in one of my modules has also allowed me to make some strong connections and friends too. One of the first activities we undertook was a trip to the picturesque Lake District. Here we had to undertake various team building and solution based activities with course mates. The 2 days spent here were by far mentally challenging, incredibly fun and social. The trip allowed me to form some strong friendships and tested my personal abilities.

Another great opportunity has been the possibility to undertake a semester abroad for the second part of my MSc. Although competitive, I decided to take a shot at the application. I’m glad to say that after a rigorous interview and 2 applications, I was offered a place to my first choice University – Bocconi University in Milan. I hope to further develop on my skills learnt in the first semester to further my knowledge of marketing, luxury marketing and consumer behaviour on an international scale.

Apart from this, one of my favourite things has been visiting the Tuesday food market with some of my friends after lectures. From Belgian waffles (making me feel slightly more at home) to the Pizza’s and lattes from by far one of the best coffee places I’ve had coffee in the UK. Every week, it’s a great way to catch up with friends and eat lunch together.

Additionally, every weekend I’ve tried to discover a new side of Manchester and the UK. So far I’ve visited Manchester’s alternative district the Northern quarter, the Trafford shopping centre, tested my Ninja skills at Ninja warrior in Trafford, travelled to the Peak District for a hike, visited Liverpool and had divine food on the Curry mile (including food from one of the best Shawarma places – special credits to a friend of mine for showing us!) and had a toasty mulled wine in the Christmas market!

I think my favourite part of Manchester, without a doubt is walking back home after an intense day of lectures and library work and being able to look at the sunset. Manchester holds the reputation of being the UK’s rainiest city, but by far it should most definitely hold the reputation of the most beautiful autumn skies too! It’s definitely something I’ll miss as I embark on my semester abroad in the second semester.

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