Starting a new routine


“Leave home, leave the country, and leave the familiar. Only then can routine experience—buying bread, eating vegetables, even saying hello—become new all over again”

I couldn’t agree more with Anthony Doerr on this aspect of moving to a new place. And I can vouch this from my personal experience of having done each and everything Doerr mentions and experiencing the “newness”. Moving to a completely new place in a completely new country away from our loved ones can be a daunting task to many – and sure it was for me too. But somewhere deep inside, the inquisitiveness to explore life and to see it with a different vision seemed to calm the initial jitters I had of crossing the proverbial “seven seas” and coming to Manchester for my post graduate studies. It’s been just a couple of months and already I feel elated of having taking this decision.

The first week here, I was told by my loved ones, would be the toughest – to get used to the new place. But to my pleasant surprise, it was pretty good. The University ensured that all things were in place for the “new arrivals” – right from an airport pickup to elaborate welcome week activities- we had it all. Clear instructions on what to do, what to carry, where to go made the initial preparation and the eventual execution of the registration process streamlined and stress free, which was surely on the top priority of every incoming student. Guided city and campus bus tours ensured that I was introduced to the vast, vibrant and beautiful places which I would call HOME for the coming year.


The 400 odd societies – ranging from academics, sports, music, dance, spirituality, hiking (and the list goes on and on) – give a platform to pursue our won interest and ensures I am not tied down to just academics for the entire year thus providing opportunities for all round development. This clearly demonstrates the strength and unity of a well-rounded Student Union which is constantly working and initiating activities for the student body.

Being part of the Business School provided me with an amazing opportunity of visiting the beautiful Lake District as part of the Brathay Residential Trip for the Business School students. It was indeed a fabulous experience of enjoying the scenic beauty along with learning a great deal.

With the initial settling phase over, now it’s time to get started with the “business”. Lectures and tutorials have now started. The feeling of novelty has slowly started to sink in and a small but definite goal seems to have risen which is definitely going to be the driving force for the eventful year ahead. Thus, the decision of “leaving the familiar” to “renew the routine” has opened up a new phase in my life and I am very excited.


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