Masters Insights: December 2015 – ‘Manchester and Me’


Omowonuola Temowo

Omowonuola Temowo, Nigeria
MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management
Class of 2016

To truly understand my dynamic relationship with the beautiful city of Manchester, let me paint you a picture…

I am walking down Oxford road after a fruitful trip to Lowry shopping centre. Bargain hunt – check, sightseeing at Salford Quays – check; looking good at the moment but it can only get better. I have an Archie’s milkshake in one hand and a Babylon chicken wing in the other. The trusty hood of my parka protecting me from the typical Manchester elements and I think to myself, there is no place I will rather be. Excluding the beautiful waters of the Maldives but I digress.

That scenario can only occur after years of research. Why you ask? Not only do you have to survey the entire city, you find it unlikely that with all what Manchester has to offer that students will be limited to the confines of the campus. Being a recent graduate of The University of Manchester, I have had the time to see most sides of the city. I have tried not to limit myself as we all find we end up doing. We get comfortable. I wonder how many people have visited the Didsbury arcade or gone go karting near Trafford or visited the Lowry in Salford? Have you been to a quintessentially British festival? There is vast range of experiences available in and around Manchester that most people fail to realise. Manchester is not just a footballing city; it is a big city with a wealth of history as well as constant innovation.

Finally, the holidays are upon us, enjoy being with family but do not forget to study in between all the food. For those who cannot make it home this holiday, I hope you are geared up for Boxing Day sales. Also, if you are free on New Years Eve, you can make your way down to the city centre, I am sure the fireworks this year will be amazing. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year in advance.

Do not forget, you are set for a rollercoaster of experiences. Hold on tight, it is going to be a fun ride. Are you ready


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