Masters Insights: December 2015 – ‘Manchester – a place where your dreams will come true!’


Manuela Demotaso

Manuela Demotaso, Italy
MSc Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis
Class of 2016

It’s 8 o’clock on the day you have been waiting for months. Since you received the admission letter from The University of Manchester several months ago, you have started dreaming, imaging and thinking about how your life could be over the next year. How studying at The University of Manchester could reshape your future? Who would be your new friends and where would they come from? China, USA, India, Australia, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Germany or the UK?

The time to leave has come. You have a last check of your suitcase, wondering if there is anything missing! Jumpers, sweaters? Yes, it’s going to be cold there! Then, there are some books, your laptop, some photographs of your old friends to put on the wall of your new room. It seems everything is there…but are you really sure? Remember the reasons why you wanted to leave, why you wished to study at The University of Manchester, why you desired to move abroad to start a new adventure. All these reasons can be summarised into two words: YOUR DREAMS! Therefore, do not forget to put a handful of them in your baggage, because they will come true!

However, before leaving, there is still something special you were thinking of doing, since you received a precious package from The University of Manchester containing the leaflets with the detailed description of your course and the schedule of the activities for Welcome Week. In fact, in that package there was also a circular purple luggage tag stating: “Destination Manchester”. Now, you can finally attach it to your baggage and use it to recognise your fellow companions in their route to Manchester, because they will also attach it to their heavy suitcases full of dreams.

The time for the hugs with your family and friends has also come: “Remember to send us as many pictures as you can!”they might say, or “We will come to visit you very soon, so prepare to party!” they may also say. Nevertheless, no matter all the recommendations, the promises, the warnings, the suggestions from your beloved parents and friends, you are not hearing them all anymore! Your mind is already on that flight to Manchester, miles away from home, as you know your new life has just started.

Now, are you curious to know more about what is going to happen, how is Manchester, what does it mean to study at a prestigious university in the UK, what kind of activities you will be involved in and who will be your new professors and colleagues? Then, just join this Blog over the next few months and you will find in advance all the answers you are looking for!

The picture is the one I took the day of my departure from Italy and that I posted on Facebook



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