Masters Insights: December 2015 – ‘5 Best Things to Do in in Manchester’


Lisa Higuchi


Lisa Higuchi, USA
MSc International Business and Management
Class of 2016

Manchester has lots to offer, no matter your interests. From rock climbing to late night clubs, the activities in this city will keep students entertained during their studies.


  1. Listen to live music
    Manchester is an incredible city for music lovers. Whether you enjoy techno, rock, jazz or pop music, it is possible to find a show to attend almost every day of the week. The University of Manchester Students’ Union even has multiple gigs each week during the semester right in the heart of campus. Some of the best dive bars offer live music and there are multiple jazz spots around the city for those blues souls. Furthermore, big name artists and DJs frequently visit Manchester Arena and other venues in the city.
  2. Cozy up in a cafe
    Coffee and tea aficionados will happily find numerous cafes dispersed throughout the city. There are plenty of the popular chain cafes but the city also offers kitschy and fun places to have decadent desserts or a traditional British afternoon tea. Some of my favourite cafes are located just around the corner from my apartment in the lively Northern Quarter neighbourhood. One cafe even offers free tea, coffee, snacks and desserts. Yes, free! The only catch is that they charge for time spent inside the cafe.
  3. Experience a fun night at the bars
    Manchester is a student city as well as a large metropolitan area so the city has a range of bars for those who want to experience lively nightlife in the UK. There are plenty of traditional pubs which serve fantastic local beer; additionally, there are also many classy cocktail lounges and more than enough late night clubs to visit on the weekends.
  4. Try new cuisine
    The city offers a great variety of international cuisine. The absolute best Indian food I have tried was located here in Manchester on the Curry Mile, just a few minutes south of the University campus. There is also great Chinese food and Thai food located in Chinatown. Additionally, many restaurants offer reasonably priced but hearty and delicious Sunday roasts which usually come with a generous helping of beef (or a vegetarian substitution), roast vegetables, crispy potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.
  5. Go for a hike
    The Peak District and The Lake District (slightly further afield), offer outdoor enthusiasts a chance to get out of the city and hike or camp for a day or a long weekend. Both areas are accessible by car, bus or train and the views are incredible. Additionally, the Scottish Highlands are accessible by train, just a few hours away, for a relaxing weekend away. The University also has a hiking and speleology club which students can join to meet other people with similar interests while exploring the beautiful nature nearby.

The city also has great sports teams, shopping and museums. The Students’ Union also currently has more than 60 clubs for students to join. Clubs range from academic to extreme sports such as skydiving. Manchester and the University offer students incredible options for staying active and enjoying student life every day of the year.



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