March 2017: Enjoying my time in Manchester


Prior to my arrival in Manchester, one year seemed such a long time. I thought that adjusting to a new way of life, studying in a language other than my mother tongue and making friends from other cultures would be too difficult. However, here I am now, half a year later, feeling at home in Manchester and as though I’ve known my new friends forever. As semester two is shorter than semester one and time in summer flies so fast, I want to enjoy my student life at its most before ‘real’ life kicks in.

I already know that I will be starting my internship at P&G in July, while at the same time working on my dissertation topic. That’s why I have stopped complaining about the workload due to our assignments and lectures. At the end of the day, boosting your knowledge on something that you really like is a great pleasure. There is no doubt that working life will be much harder and accompanied by countless responsibilities. I see this period until summer as my life’s last student’s days even though I will never stop learning and will always stay curious.

Three months before the start of my internship, I can say that March was one of my favorite periods. Already knowing that I will have a job at a company that I always wanted to work for has made me feel less stressed and much more productive. In addition, my beloved sister visited me for one week. As it was her first time abroad I wanted her to enjoy Manchester, as well as our little trips to Leeds and Sheffield. We had a great time visiting museums, hanging out with my friends and walking around the cities.

Of course, I couldn’t miss a weekend-trip to the capital. Living in the UK and never having been to the city of London is not something I would like to mention to anyone. My close friend from my undergraduate years was there and made my stay in London more than pleasant. Since she is living there, I had the opportunity to see the best of the city without having to make any prior plans. Once again, meeting with friends from your home country in your new home feels wonderful.

After charging my batteries I am now ready for the final round of group and individual assignments. Hopefully, after meeting all the deadlines there will be some time to relax with family and friends during the Easter break.


Coffee break at Whitworth Art Gallery


Japanese Dinner with friends


Trip to Leeds


London Eye


Sherlock Museum, London


Big Ben, London


Trip to Sheffield


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