March 2017: Enjoying the international experience


Currently, Alliance MBS has students from over 60 countries, bringing groups of students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Although these students’ upbringings may be culturally different, they share one similarity – their time spent in Manchester. Together. Studying.

I am a student on the MSc Marketing course where we have about 90 students. Even across our large group we have representation from a wide range of countries including Greece, Mexico, Ecuador, Cyprus, Germany, India, United States, and Montenegro, among many other countries.

The best thing about being an international student is you can’t be afraid of not having any friends when coming to Manchester, because you automatically have one thing in common with most students – you are not from the United Kingdom either. This creates instant friendships and constant conversation, when meeting someone for the first time because you can share your experiences from back home, share languages, and share memorable stories, leading to zero of that awkward silence.

One thing a group of students on the Marketing course found in common with each other, besides being international, was our passion for food. Food is the one thing that cannot let you down in life. Every time you eat, whether it is meat, soup, or even a piece of cake, it is scrumptious and you feel wholesome and happy inside. We came together as a group and decided to make a pact to form an ‘International Tuesday’ foodie group. Once a week we escape work on group projects and our dissertations, and try someone’s home country’s cuisine in Manchester. This basically started a scavenger hunt of taste testing different restaurants to make sure one was as authentic as it can be to take the crowd there.

Each week it is someone’s turn to bring us to a new restaurant and the power is completely in their hands. We trust them to order every dish for us, family style, so we have all the dishes to try of the traditional cuisine. The dinner is always done in three courses with an appetizer, mains, and dessert. This is something to look forward to every week because it is one night we guarantee ourselves to let loose and not be students for a few hours. We do not talk about school work, classes, readings, just so we can focus on sharing information about cultures, our life updates, and plans for what we are doing that weekend, etc.

Coming to Manchester, you have access to dive into so many different cultures all at once. You can try different cuisines throughout the week or even join the International Society, which is an organization that puts on different cultural events and trips around the UK for members. Going to school abroad is amazing, but you only get out as much as you put in. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or ask someone about where they come from, unique things about their culture, etc. It’s all a part of the international experience and Manchester will be the home base.

Brianna Nowak March 2017 blog

From International Tuesday on Valentine’s Day, where we ate at a traditional Greek restaurant Rozafa. In the photo the countries represented are: India, Italy, Hungary, United States, Mexico, Germany, Cyprus, Ecuador, and Japan.


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