Key Takeaways from my Masters at Alliance Manchester Business School


So this will be my final blog for AMBS as I near the end of my International Business & Management MsC programme on the 3rd of September. We’ve recently received the last of our exam & coursework grades back, and I’m pleased to say that barring an absolute nightmare performance in my dissertation I should be graduating in the Winter with a Distinction (*touches wood*).

I’m currently about halfway through my dissertation on CSR expectations in Brazil & my dissertation supervisor Noemi Sinkovics has been incredibly helpful thus far with quick and constructive feedback for the sections I have sent to her. Each dissertation supervisor has different preferences for how many words, how frequent & a final date for receiving drafts – however, with Noemi I have agreed to send her a first full draft of the dissertation for the 19th of July. This suits me as I fly to South America for 6 weeks on the 20th of July & also Noemi as she advised that after the 31st of July would be the final date she could provide significant feedback on a first draft in time for the deadline. If you are interested in either: the international travel options available on the course OR how to manage your time effectively during the dissertation period please see my March and June blogs respectively.

To conclude my illustrious career as a student blogger for AMBS then I figured I would state what I will personally take away from my time here:

  • Confidence in Public Speaking

Although I’ve never struggled too much with self-confidence, I have definitely noticed that I have become much more confident in professional settings, particularly in relation to public speaking. AMBS students are asked to complete several group presentations as part of the assessment process. The opportunity to give professional presentations to an audience of receptive and friendly peers is incredibly useful, and I have found that having that in my locker has improved my confidence when delivering presentations at assessment centres and interviews. As we all know, the job market is incredibly competitive & so I think enhancing this skill is important

  • Time Management

This year has been pretty crazy. I’ve completed an intense MsC course, worked part-time at a law firm 15-20 hours a week, completed this monthly blog & also tried to assemble something closely resembling a social life. The techniques I’ve learnt to enable this (set out in my June blog) will be something I use in my future professional career.

  • A Respected Qualification from a Prestigious University

Both AMBS and the University of Manchester have strong reputations, & an MsC from these Institutions undoubtedly stand out on your CV. Naturally, with large employers receiving hundreds/thousands of job applications then part of their screening process will be based on the calibre of University you have attended.


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