Goodbye Manchester


So finally, It’s the end of the road. Thousands of memories are flashing before my eyes as I write this last blog of my life in Manchester. I remember the days when I used to discuss with my best friend Anas about studying in UK since he was already in the process and very casually he suggested me to apply to Alliance Manchester Business School. I was not very sure initially but I started the application and after the process got my offer letter followed by numerous communications from the School. The big day came and I flew to the UK and today is the day I am planning my flight to fly back to my country. This is how quick it is but the memories will last a lifetime.

I cannot avoid these sweet and sour emotions. Sweet because I am satisfied with this beautiful journey and sour because I am not yet full of this. It’s difficult to believe that the journey is ending and I am already in the last two months of my university life or better to say my student life. 

Since I have lived my student life here, I would like to give some advice to all the upcoming students:

  1. Make sure you carefully read all the communications sent to you from Alliance Manchester Business School and I would recommend attending pre-departure briefings that have been scheduled in your city. Never hesitate in contacting the university for any doubts, they are here to assist you in the best possible way
  2. Please do not miss the welcome week in September as it would help you to get familiar with the Manchester city and the most important it would give you a chance to make friends. Swallow your shy side, and smile at people, start a conversation with them! Find out who they are, where they’re from, etc. Be nice, be yourself, and remember: you’re far from alone in the situation, everyone else is in exactly the same boat as you, so you have nothing to worry about!

Not only emotionally but also academically, this is a tough time. Every IME student has to submit the dissertations by the end of this semester so this is the high time for working on dissertations and literally I am spending my most of the time in the Alan Gilbert Learning Common (AGLC) , perhaps because it is my favourite building for studying, so colourful from inside, having lovely furniture and these days I find many of my classmates and friends there only, writing their dissertations.

Okay so since I am going through this, I would like to give some advice for the dissertation too:

#1  Start planning as early as possible and set a deadline

#2  Choose something that interests you

#3  Have clarity of thoughts

#4  Set target and be consistent

#5  It is very important to communicate effectively with your supervisor

But even more importantly do not miss out on enjoyment during your dissertation. In fact it is the best time to  plan your trips considering you know how you are going to go about your project.

I hope this much of lecture is enough for you. In the end I just want to say that I am really thankful and grateful for this experience at Alliance Manchester Business School. I have a sense of achievement and proud myself because I know that I have done everything which I planned to do before coming to the Manchester, writing this blog is one of the examples.

I made the most of the opportunities from being appointed as the student ambassador to running in the Student Union executive election. I would say it again that it was the best experience of my life. I am really sad about leaving my friends here and obviously I will miss this city, especially Oxford Road. For all those students coming to The University of Manchester in September 2018, congratulations on securing a place at one of the leading universities in the world. Make sure you use your time in an efficient and effective way, grab all the opportunities, travel around as there are beautiful places near the city.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries. I am planning to stay in the Manchester city until graduation so If anyone wants to meet me in September and wants me to share my experience, I would love to do that.

PS: Encourage yourself to be the next blogger of the IME programme. I really enjoyed it.

A really big thank you for reading. All the best,

Nomaan Ahmad


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