April 2018: Fabulous OPS Programme evening and Easter Holiday


On March 17th it was a snowy Saturday evening and we had our first Programme dinner in Jamie’s Italian, located in the centre of Manchester. Two thirds of students in my major came to enjoy a joyful feast. Everyone was delighted to have this opportunity to gather and talk about the past 8 months studying together. It was the first time that we could chat and laugh like brothers and sisters. I truly treasure that night because I believe this is why I am here in Manchester and AMBS, to meet classmates from different parts of the world and to enjoy the spark generated from different cultural backgrounds. It is a quite unique sensation and I want to use an old Chinese saying to sum it up – ‘It is much to be regretted that we could not meet earlier.’

Back to studying and based on knowledge and experience gained from last term, we have a better understanding of our Programme, so the professors are trying to lead us to undertake more pragmatic research. On our Global Supply Chain Management course, we were allocated into different groups to pursue a hands-on simulation-plug factory to enhance our knowledge of Lean Supply Chain Management. It was designed in such an intensive way that each group racked their brains to win the game. After 5 rounds, my group became the victor at last. Since this was the second time my team and I were the champions of a class game related to supply chain, I started to realise that ‘so my destiny lies in this subject’. I am just kidding 😊 I just want to show the pleasant from the victory! In another coursework group I was working with 5 boys from two different majors. Being the only female in that group, I feel sometimes the atmosphere is quite funny and I really appreciate their considerate help during the team meetings.

About myself, I went to Birmingham on Eastern Sunday. Compared to Manchester, the city is bigger and more modern. I visited Victoria and Chamberlain squares, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (highly recommended) and explored a vibrant area where Muslim residents live. Although excited and cheerful in this city, when the night fell, I did miss my home – Manchester. In addition, in order to train myself to get familiar with the real lifestyle here and furthermore to improve my English, I have applied for part-time jobs since the beginning of term 2. Despite difficulties I have experienced, I finally got 2 offers from local business. Now I have got a deeper comprehension of that saying ‘No pain, no gain.’ I decided to cherish this to improve my language skills and increase my employability.

I can’t believe time passes so fast! I must ensure every day here is meaningful!


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