April 2018: Extracurricular Life and Easter Break


I often attend free Thursday lunchtime concerts offered by the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, and have harvested many inspirational experiences. It is fantastic to take an hour to experience a “sound bath” and let the music carry me away. The Centre has contributed to the cultural life of students, staff, alumni and the wider community since it opened in 2003. It offers a varied programme of arts events to educate, stimulate and engage audiences.

In addition, I successfully participated in the Manchester Gold mentoring programme run by the Manchester Gold Team at the Careers Service. After being accepted onto the programme, I set up my mentee profile on the Manchester Network, and then searched and requested a mentor that best matches my career profile. The programme helped me better understand what career paths I wish to explore after my degree. I always learn effectively and efficiently with strong thirst for knowledge. During my internship as a consulting assistant, I produced high quality work under pressure and helped clients solve complex problems. Consultants are on a steep learning curve and add invaluable insights to businesses. Therefore, I am looking forward to creating value and taking challenges in a consultancy role. My mentor is a graduate from the University of Manchester and has rich experience in consulting. He equips me with career guidance, shares his insights with me, helps me identify my skill gaps and provides me with very constructive support. It is valuable to have a Manchester Gold mentor and I get a lot out of the partnership with my mentor.

During the Easter Break, I went to Morocco, a country of great diversity. From Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas to the coasts, this country is amazing. Camel trekking in the desert, sleeping under stars, shopping in the souks, getting lost in ancient medinas, relaxing on panoramic terraces… All of these are incredible. Influenced by Spain, Arabia and France, Morocco’s cuisine is a delicious combination of mouthwatering flavours that make it unique.  Tagine is everywhere and there are countless varieties of tagine. Kefta (meatballs), pastille. Morocco is really worth a visit!



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