April 2018: BASM Projects – What Are They & The Application Process


It’s spring time in Manchester and for BASM students this also means choosing your summer projects. BASM students have two options for delivering their final thesis: either a dissertation or a summer project for an SME. The project is a selling point for this programme and for some (including myself) was one of the reason for choosing BASM.

Now, I will try to explain how the projects work but don’t worry – the Careers Service is very helpful throughout the whole process and they will make sure you are ready and have all the information necessary.

First, before choosing what companies to work for during the summer, there is a round up of mock interviews starting in January. They are made so that every student is prepared for the interviews and they are helpful to know on which areas to improve during your future interviews.

Then, starting from March to mid-April, the companies are presented on the Career Platform and any BASM student (that has met the conditions) can apply to the one that he/she would like to work for. The tricky part is that the projects are presented throughout the period and once you get accepted to a project, you cannot refuse and say that you changed your mind, so you should be sure of your choice.

To have an idea of what the projects are like, this year, we could have chosen to work for companies ranging from the renewable energy industry to the automotive. Here is a glimpse of some of the projects:

  • A global motor trade accountancy & professional services company looking to investigate its organisational structure and its sustainability through future growth
  • A rapid growth renewable energy start-up looking at its customer value proposition
  • Two projects from a charity working with vulnerable members of the community; 1) looking at market development of an educational programme, 2) a competitor analysis project
  • Bio-tech company looking to expand its product range and explore new markets

The projects are different every year but perhaps this will help you have an idea of what the summer project is about.

After deciding on the company and the project, you will have an interview with one of the representatives to see if there is a fit between you and the company and if you are accepted, you will begin working after the end of the exam session. If not, then you can apply to other projects as well. It’s important to have a safety option and maybe apply to 2-3 projects that you are genuinely interested in. The Careers Service makes sure everyone that showed interest in pursuing a summer project has the opportunity to do so.

Now, whether you choose the project or the dissertation the most important thing is that you apply what you’ve learnt throughout the two semesters and that you choose something that you enjoy working on.


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