An eventful month at AMBS


As the last official part of the taught Masters programme began, I had mixed feelings; there were two remaining exams and a month to relax but also start our dissertations. For me, personally, this was a very eventful month; the first week I had my exams and then I had a few very busy weeks.

6th June was the last of exams for everyone and our accommodation was kind enough to arrange an end of exam party for all the exhausted souls. As I came home after giving my exams, I could see the preparations being made for the outdoor party and it was quite massive. I joined in a while later and what was to be a BBQ party outdoors, with the lovely weather and the sun shining pleasantly, was simply much more! There were jumping castles, hula-hoops and many other games that students were being amused by. As for the food, there was plenty of BBQ for everyone and a wide range of desserts. Soon after, the ice-cream truck came in and in minutes gathered a long queue! All of this was arranged free for students!

I could not stay long as I had to work on my dissertation before I met my supervisor the next day! And within hours of that meeting I had to make a long journey home! It was a long day for me, with some shopping to do for family back home, packing still left, dissertation work, meeting some friends, and enjoying the party; but all that while, I was really excited! This was the last exam I would have for a while now and I was extremely looking forward to going back home to celebrate Eid with my family! So, I took the flight home and the next three weeks were extremely eventful as I met a lot of friends, family members and went out almost every day! I also shopped a lot (my country is very cheap compared to UK!) but made sure I work on my dissertation as well. Every alternate day at least, I would work for a few hours and by the time I came back to the UK, I already had about two and a half thousand words done as well as some part of the code I would use.

On my return, I spent the first couple of days in London for some work and after a meeting with my supervisor, immediately got down to preparing for my presentation. As part of the Quantitative Finance programme, we had to present our dissertation topics to some top bankers in Santander, London. Since I had the honour of representing my group and Alliance Manchester Business School, I made sure I have an amazing presentation ready and practice well before taking the spotlight. The school provided our return transportation to and from London and it was a great learning event.

It is common to get too bookish and theoretical while writing our dissertations, but this trip meant that people who work in the industry gave us a lot of insight of the practical applications of our topics. Moreover, there was a networking session that followed and it was indeed great to listen to Santander senior management talk about their future plans in trading and expanding.

With this came the end of the taught part of our degree, and it is quite amazing how time flies. We all are now about two months from finishing our Masters; all that remains is the dissertation in the summer!


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