April 2018: 6 Ways a Masters at AMBS can assist you in your job search


I thought it best for this month’s blog to focus on careers. Specifically, how a Masters at AMBS can assist you in your job search.

  1. 1-to-1 Appointments with Careers Staff at AMBS

As well as the Careers Staff that work for the University directly, AMBS boasts its own Postgraduate Careers Service. They run a session during your induction week to introduce themselves and the assistance they can offer. One of the key forms of assistance for myself has been the 1-to-1 careers appointments. I booked my first appointment in my second week. We briefly discussed my CV and then moved onto establishing a Job Search strategy. After being informed of my desire to enter Management Consultancy, Emily recommended I initially look into applying for 3-4 grad schemes & made a couple of suggestions as to where. Unfortunately, despite an Assessment Centre and numerous interviews I have been unsuccessful thus far. As such I have arranged another 1-to-1 appointment to discuss a transition from grad scheme to grad job applications. Naturally, it is always disappointing to receive rejections, but as you will be aware grad scheme applications require a thick skin & it’s good to know that the support is available to help you bounce back!

2. Workshops Run by the AMBS PGT Careers Team

As well as the 1-to-1 appointments mentioned above, the PGT Careers Service also arrange group workshops. These cover a variety of different topics including: where to apply, CV guidance & practice Assessment Centres/Interviews. The majority of these are held at the start of term before the real Masters workload kicks in & so I recommend you complete as many as you can, as early as you can.

3. Careers Events run by AMBS & the University

As with most Universities, there are large Graduate Job Fairs held at the start and end of the Academic year. Manchester’s fair is incredibly popular for large employers due to the prestige and location of the University & so it creates a perfect chance to network and find out more about your targeted employers. As well as that there are Careers Events run primarily for Masters Students and/or AMBS students. Emails circulate in the weeks preceding events, which can vary from: Q&As with visiting graduates, practice Assessment Centres & even Cocktail making classes.

4. Career Databases

The University has a database open to all students and recent alumni that advertises relevant job vacancies. This can be used in conjunction with the generic job databases such as Target and Milkround. Further to that there are smaller databases/facebook groups that allow for smaller firms to recruit Manchester University graduates directly to their local businesses.

5. LinkedIn Networking

Something that was highlighted to me during my initial 1-to-1 careers appointment was the ability to use LinkedIn to map the career moves of AMBS Alumni & to use the University in common as an icebreaker for networking. Although I personally have not been that forward, I do know classmates that have. Further, I did use this insight to find out I had an old course mate working at one of my target employers. I contacted them and received helpful tips which assisted me in getting through to an Assessment Centre for a large multinational.

6. CV Booster

The final way that a Masters at AMBS assists you in your job search is adding a prestigious institution to your CV. AMBS is renowned as one of the best business schools in the world. Hence, the name alone opens certain doors for you. Moreover, with everyone boasting an undergrad degree nowadays, a Masters distinguishes you from the crowd. I don’t think it was a coincidence that all 12 people at my last Assessment Centre for a “Graduate” Scheme possessed either a Masters Degree or several years in industry!


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