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campusThe three week Easter break has just finished and we are into the final two weeks of lectures for the MSc. We are starting to see the BASM summer project briefs come through, so I’m now starting to get an idea of the kind of work we will undertake this summer to write the final project. England is experiencing a bit of a “heatwave” for this time of year and people are opting to do their readings outside rather than staying locked up in the library.

At the end of the last post I said I would dedicate this one to talking about the group projects for BASM units and about the experience of teamwork.

The second semester for us comprises mostly elective units, so everyone’s experience is different. During the first semester, however, everyone takes the same units, each having an element of teamwork for a presentation and/or a written report. Some of the presentations were smaller in scope and either non-assessed or worth only a small portion of the grade, whereas one presentation represented a significant proportion of the final grade. Teams were selected randomly which eliminates the need to find group members at the beginning of the semester and, instead, this is your best opportunity to get to know people on the course and find the people with whom you would want to work with in the second semester, when groups are generally self-selected.

In order to make the most of your experiences I have found it is good to take time to listen and develop good relationships with your group members so that you can quickly understand the differences in personality and culture which manifest in working style. You will no doubt encounter some challenges, but overcoming them and producing some high quality work despite these challenges is something of which you will be very proud.

class presentationOne thing you will likely find interesting about this course is how each report and presentation is about a different company, usually in a different industry and in a different part of the world. One of the strengths of this program is the global perspective and wide range of industries studied. This proves very useful when it comes to applying to jobs as you have a bit of an understanding of the kinds of sectors and regions that interest you most.

I found the projects that focused on very dynamic, high-profile, and even controversial industries were the most exciting, and I learnt this through undertaking a couple of projects on construction and natural resources sectors. This exposure to the nature of the industry that I developed through the presentations is something that I have been communicating in cover letters and interviews.

It’s been great to hear from a number of you through email or meeting you in person at some of the admissions events I’ve been attending at MBS. Of course, if you have any questions please send me an email or post on the Masters Online discussion board if you already have an offer. I will check that periodically and it’s a good opportunity for you to get talking to your future classmates!

See you next month.


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