Masters Insights: MSc Organisational Psychology – Spring!


So the weather has been very good in Manchester for the last week, we have had blue skies and sun every day and although it is still a bit chilly it definitely feels like spring. I wish I had some nice stories to tell you about the outdoor activities I have been enjoying in this beautiful weather but I have been in the library most of this week writing assignments and working on a group presentation due in a week’s time!

The presentation is for our Organisational Effectiveness module ran by Professor Helge Hoel (you can look up Helge on the MBS website for more on his research etc.). The topic of our presentation is organisational change and particularly the factors that influence employee’s openness to change. This topic is so interesting because it is really relevant to today’s work environment where change programmes are very prevalent and often on-going. We have been working on our presentation for the last week and the university is great because there are so many study rooms where we can go and do our work in peace!

My favourite study spaces are in the learning commons which is the newest campus building and I have to say it completely amazing, I basically spend all my time in there now! I have taken some pictures just before this morning’s group meeting to show you the study spaces and the learning commons itself. But really, these spaces are a great resource because, at master’s level, presentations require a lot more than everyone copying some information into a PowerPoint, they require discussion and evaluation which can only be done when a group can all meet and talk! In general though, the learning commons is a great facility for the students and it has a café (my favourite part) which means you don’t have to leave the building to go and get food when you are studying all day.

One final thing! I have been really lucky this week as I have begun an internship role at a Manchester based business psychology consultancy Robertson Cooper! I had my first day on Wednesday and it was so interesting and really great to see how what I have learnt so far applies in practice. Although this is only a temporary internship I am really excited for the next few weeks to gain even more experience. I have mentioned this because it was through our lecturers that I heard about this opportunity and the company has direct links with the University so I just wanted to make people aware that not all the occupational psychology opportunities are in London, Manchester is full of them!!


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