Masters Insights: MSc Management – Winds of change


Name: Venkata Sai SriHarsha
Course: MSc Management 
Home town/country: Hyderabad, India

I have realized that the academic life at Manchester Business School is incredibly fulfilling and challenging at the same time because it boasts of a diverse group of students who bring in their own set of sensibilities.

Every effort is made to ensure that the lectures and seminars are delivered through an interactive medium to ensure that students understand what it takes to become successful in their professional life. The seminars facilitate healthy discussions which focus on contemporary issues which presents us with an initiative to remain informed about all the latest changes in the world of business.

I was initially worried about changing streams from a degree in computer science to management but the reading lists were of great help as they gave me a broad picture about what is expected of me in terms of understanding the various courses. Every student is encouraged to shed their inhibitions and participate in the debates which promote forward thinking. Assignments challenge the students to think differently and look at issues from different dimensions and the individual feedback builds us up to perform well in the end exams.

These are some of the significant changes that I have observed but the most important commodity remains time. Students should try to make the best use of the time after the lectures because this degree isn’t just about scoring a good grade, attaining proper knowledge is very important too. It may sound clichéd but the approach to learning in this environment will spur everyone on to do more and remain on top of all the developments.

Time is always at a premium because of the various constraints that exist during the course but my interactions with seniors reveal that those who are willing to put in extra work usually tend to excel in end exams because the application side of knowledge is tested rather than formal definitions and theories. The group assignments are also quite effective at ensuring that every student applies the concepts of the lecture on real-world models.

My experience with group assignments has been quite enriching as I got to study the various aspects of services in marketing. We all might have heard about the growing stature of services but I got to experience the intricacies involved from a customer and suppliers perspective in equal measure. I learnt that unless one learns to express their ideas, they won’t be able to get maximum leverage out of the course.


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