Masters Insights: MSc Management – Stealing a March


Name: Venkata Sai SriHarsha
Course: MSc Management 
Home town/country: Hyderabad, India

This month has been particularly busy for all students as the Easter break is just around the corner. Assignments, presentations and group work have consumed most of the time but I have always welcomed the opportunity of working with fellow students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We had a module named Sustainability and Social Responsibility which is one of its kind in terms of exploring alternatives to work towards a better future over the next decade. The module included two presentations which were delivered by a group of around seven students over the duration of the course. Personally, I never had an opportunity to work on such an innovative space because we were playing the role of consultancy teams appointed to work towards a sustainable future. It helped us to realize the importance of good practices and the emergence of corporate social responsibility.

The first task was about coming up with steps to reduce the environmental impact of laundry in the UK. We found the topic very relevant because significant resources were being expended on the existing practices. It was a non-assessed task as we were expected to attain an understanding of teamwork, research etc. to hold us in good stead for the coming challenges. I was really astonished with the innovative ideas brought up in my various groups and the feedback was quite helpful too. Our group worked on the idea of having vending machines for detergents near laundry rooms in accommodation which could reduce the need for packaging and deliver greener variants of various detergents.

The second task was one of the most interesting group exercises that I was ever part of because we were asked to come up with solutions to deal with the demand-supply gap in power across U.K. I took it up as a huge challenge along with my other group mates who were equally geared to impress the course tutors. We were also expected to come up with a visual summary and summative report to convince a group of electricity companies to adopt our solutions. This task also reiterated the concept of working in a group and the challenges we face through them because in the future, no one gets to choose whom we work with and the importance of having a good work ethic and hard work were the major lessons learnt through the course.

I felt vindicated for choosing MSc Management stream after the completion of these tasks because it helped me hone all the skills required to thrive in the present economic conditions because coming up with environmentally sustainable solutions that require the least use of resources has become very vital and this course helped us to gather experience in a competitive environment.


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