Masters Insights: MSc Management – Manchester


Name: Venkata Sai SriHarsha
Course: MSc Management 
Home town/country: Hyderabad, India

As the reading week came to an end, I opted to take a short break from the rigours of university life and switch off for a while. My thoughts instantly drifted towards my first week in Manchester.

For someone who had never travelled beyond the shores of the homeland, making a move to a new place was quite liberating. Yes, I was a bit nervous too because a lot was said about the city: its unpredictable weather, rain etc. The university tried to put me at ease by staying in touch through representatives who showed great concern in all the aspects of relocating to a new place. I was in touch with my prospective classmates through social media and there was a lot of excitement about the impending travel to the city of my dreams.

My first day in Manchester was quite eventful as I opted to take the bus from the airport and the bus driver couldn’t come to grips with my thick accent. He had dropped me at Piccadilly which was more than a mile away from my accommodation. It was getting late in the night and I started getting jitters but a friendly cab driver came to my rescue and after looking at my plight he had volunteered to drop me at University Place without asking for any fee! And the surprises don’t end there; a group of youngsters who were passing through the university helped me with the luggage and left only when they felt I was in safe hands. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the people here.

The next day was all about taking care of the logistics such as bank account, national insurance number, accommodation agreements etc. The university tour reaffirmed my belief that this city is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary structures. The museum, Atrium, University Place and the main library stood out for various reasons.

The trip to Old Trafford would remain etched in my memory forever. I had gone into a state of trance the day before my visit as it ranked first on my to-do list that was compiled months ago. The place lived up to all the hype and I revelled in the company of many tourists who waxed lyrical about the stadium. But my joy was short-lived as the famous Manchester rain decided to greet me.

To sum it up, my first week in Manchester was an enthralling experience and I would urge people to not to lend any credence to myths about the city because I am sure that it would leave an unforgettable mark on one and all.


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