Masters Insights: MSc Finance – Summer


Name: Olayinka Arokodare
Course: MSc Finance
Home town/country: Nigeria

July 2014

Hope your last month was good because mine was amazing!

Finally, we are almost done. The way time flies by in Manchester is just unexplainable. It feels like yesterday was September 2013 when we started school and now it’s almost over. We have just one more thing to go: the dissertation.

Before we dive into school talk, let’s talk about what I did after examinations were over. MBS horizon organized a summer ball for the business school and we were also allowed to invite friends from other programs too. The summer ball couldn’t have come at a better time than the Saturday following the ending of exams. It was a really good ball and also a great opportunity to see everybody in a dress and a suit.

Regardless of the summer ball, my friends and I still celebrated our own personal end-of-exams-for-masters by attending a comedy show near Deansgate. We definitely had a good laugh and it was the perfect way to relax after a demanding exam period.

However, let’s not relax too much and forget about the dissertation. One major thing I found good in Manchester Business School is the relationship between the supervisor and their respective students. The supervisors give time to answer your questions, clarify your doubts and put you on the right path. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-on-one meeting; supervisors here in Manchester Business School respond to their emails on time and extensively clarify whatever it is you may have asked.

The dissertation period seems like a lot of free time to play, relax and juggle different cities. However, relaxing might seem like a good idea but let it come together with planning your time wisely. The dissertation will be submitted on the 1st of September and no one wants to hear the story of a faulty printer and a fried hard drive.

Planning your time wisely is the best way to go about this period because that way you have time to juggle different cities in Europe or the United Kingdom itself and still come back to typing your dissertation. Everything is all about planning. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail and we all can’t afford to spend that entire tuition and accommodation fee to come out with an unacceptable result.


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