Masters Insights: MSc Finance – Second semester & Valentine’s


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break? Mine was filled with books and chocolates.

Bye to January and welcome to February everyone. Hope you had a good last month.
Referring to my last post, January was my examination month and it was a good one. However, I’m glad it’s over and my friends (Nife, Arin, Eni and Deji) and I decided to celebrate by going out for dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s.

The second semester started the week after examinations ended but classes don’t begin ‘til Wednesday for me. Just as I thought, first classes, which happen to be introductory classes, were full due to the fact that people were trying to make a decision on which optional to take. Most times, the first classes of any course are basic introduction and the lecturer tells you what to expect from the course – details about the coursework, structure of the examination and the course outline – which I think is a really good way to start a lecture.

Moving on from lectures and coursework, how did you spend your Valentine’s day? Mine was fun-filled. Some of my course mates and myself attended a Nigerian comedy show, which was held at the Hilton hotel, Deansgate. That show was hilarious; we couldn’t stop laughing and besides we all love the comedian. Merely seeing his face can make you crack up with tears.

Talking about shopping, have you gone shopping in Manchester before? Well if you have then I’m sure you know about the Trafford centre. I love that place; so many shops, so many things to buy, so little time. Let’s leave the physical stores for now and focus on the online shops. I am a huge shopaholic and since the winter season begun, I have been too lazy to go out and buy things so I stick to the Internet. My two favourite stores for this month are Misguided (doesn’t have store outlet) and River Island (has a store outlet).

We all know Manchester for having a plenty rain but still that doesn’t spoil the beauty and joy of living in Manchester. Get one or two pairs of boots, thick socks, thick gloves, a strong umbrella, and one or two pairs of thick jackets and you are good to go. Apart from the weather, I love Manchester and I know I still have places to visit, restaurants to eat at and more people to meet.

See you next month.


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