Masters Insights: MSc Finance


Name: Olayinka Arokodare
Course: MSc Finance
Home town/country: Nigeria

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break? Mine was filled with books and chocolates.

School has come to an end and it all seems like a big joke. All that is left are second semester examinations and dissertation. It feels like it was just yesterday I resumed school and attended induction programmes, met my friends newly and settled down in Manchester. That’s life right; that’s why they say we should use our time wisely and live everyday like it was the best day in your life.

Eddie Davies library has become my second home and Alan Gilbert Learning Commons my third. I have grown to love the library recently because of two things: 1. it’s a library and 2. now that lectures are over, the library seems like the only place you can locate some of your classmates. It’s a good thing to network and get to know other people.

There is a popular saying that goes ‘No man is an island’ and that’s the honest truth. Don’t be shy to ask for help if you have a doubt about a course or you can’t seem to understand a particular topic. You will be surprised to know the number of people that are willing to put you through. Networking, as we all know, involves sharing information and getting new knowledge amongst one another. I tried this method for my Corporate Finance case study with four of my classmates (Sophia, Jonathan, Mumenat and Mariam) and the new things I learnt amazed me.

Easter comes with joy, laughs and chocolates. Unfortunately for me, I don’t eat chocolates because they make me sick but that didn’t stop me from getting into the groove of Easter. I am a huge fan of holidays so I got all my friends Easter cards and chocolates and guess what I got? Food.

I also celebrated ‘Easter Eve’ (i.e. the day before Good Friday) with some. We all went out for dinner at Try Thai restaurant. However, personally the whole of April is Easter to me so I tried to celebrate it all day (NB I spent my days in the library and evenings entering every restaurant). Have you eaten at Almost Famous Burgers? No, then you are missing out big time.

How was Mothers’ Day? Mine was great because my mom was around. First day, it was dinner with my friends who brought my mom flowers at Red World Buffet. Then on mothers’ day, I decided to spoil her by taking her shopping and out to dinner at Gaucho. Mothers are the best and they deserve more than the best.

Holiday is over and study has taken on full force. I wish you all a happy Easter once again and a wonderful new month full of joy and laughter.


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