Masters Insights: MSc Finance – Marching forward


Name: Olayinka Arokodare
Course: MSc Finance
Home town/country: Nigeria

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break? Mine was filled with books and chocolates.

Another month filled with new resolutions and also more school work (to be more precise, I meant a LOT of school work).

My work load has increased drastically and it is nothing like the first semester. There are coursework deadlines breathing down on my neck, dissertation on my mind and second semester examinations around the corner. There is so much to do but so little time. I practically spend my whole day – excluding when I have lectures – in the library trying to catch up on everything. Well, no one said doing an MSc was going to be an easy job. Complaining is not an option for me or anyone else because it’s not going to make you any better or any worse. Diligence, determination and discipline are all you need to achieve your goal in Manchester Business School.

First semester results came out last week or thereabout. There were lots of ‘ohs’, ‘ahs’, ‘yays’ and ‘nays’ but unfortunately none would change the results. One thing I love about seeing results is that it makes me reflect on the past and I ask myself certain questions – ‘Why is this score low?’, ‘did I not study enough?’, ‘did I completely understand this course?’, ‘did I meet anyone for help?’, ‘did I start studying late and did a lot of crash reading?’ etc. I also try to answer those questions during my reflection period and register it somewhere (writing it down would be better) so I don’t lose track.

Ok, moving on from school work and exam results, I had a great time last weekend. Some of my course mates (Trish, Athina, Connie, Bruno, Haas, John, Nicolletta, Carlos) and I decided to go for dinner on Saturday. It was fun and the fact that we were all from different countries made it even more amazing. Learning about different cultures and hearing different languages makes you appreciate life even more. Another reason why I love schooling at MBS is the ethnic diversity.

I am sure you all know I love trying out new places to eat. My Lebanese friend, Karim and I went to Café Rogue a couple of weeks back for dinner. I can’t remember what I ordered exactly because the menu was in French (lol). The food tasted really good and I wouldn’t mind going back there only this time I am taking a French-English dictionary.

Finally, I still have more restaurants to visit, more people to meet and let’s not forget, more school work to do.


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