Masters Insights: MSc Finance – Holidays & examinations


Name: Olayinka Arokodare
Course: MSc Finance
Home town/country: Nigeria

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break? Mine was filled with books and chocolates.

First of all, I would like to say Happy New Year 2014 to everyone. Hope you all had an amazing holiday.

My holiday was AMAZING! I went back to my home country, Nigeria for the holidays. Nigeria is a place where everything possible is celebrated so that pretty much sums up my holiday. However, first semester examinations start a week after the New Year so I had to get some study done back at home because I had tons of notes to study.

One thing I have noticed is that, the lecturers in Manchester Business School take you as clay – they stretch you, roll you, shape you and mould you so that the finished product of you is a hundred times better than the raw material you. There was a lot to study, memorise and revise so I had to use all the time I had.

My mornings during the holidays were filled with activities so I did my studying at night. Personally, I don’t think I would have scaled through the examination period if I didn’t get some study done during the holidays. Honestly, it was quite hard to remove myself from the distractions of food, video games, parties and more food but certain sacrifices had to be made. Despite the sacrifices, I still had a swell holiday.

I arrived back in Manchester right after New Year and school was pretty shaken up due to the examinations fast approaching. I happen to live in a private (student) accommodation, which fortunately for me is directly opposite the business school (triple amazing). All I have to do literally is cross the road and I’m in school. To be more precise, I stay in a double studio apartment and I know only a few people around me which is pretty much fine by me.

Still talking about the examinations, I am not a huge fan of the library because I get distracted by people walking up and down, the noise from the printers and photocopiers and random chit chatting from people so I do all my studying right on my table with my laptop, notes, jotter, a cup of hot chocolate or green tea (at night) and plantain chips from my home country. Examinations came and went finally and yes they went well (if you study, the exams will be a breeze).

Every Saturday, my friend (Ugonna) and I go to the food market in the Arndale Centre to eat some street food. We never miss a Saturday. Last Saturday, I had a “HOT SANTINI”; it’s a wrap with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and smoked garnished spiced turkey. Next Saturday, I’m having ostrich meat.

The new semester has started and I’m looking forward to what it has in store for me.


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