Masters Insights: MSc Finance – First few weeks


Name: Olayinka Arokodare
Course: MSc Finance
Home town/country: Nigeria

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break? Mine was filled with books and chocolates.

The first few weeks of school can be extremely hectic and stressful especially when your school is based abroad. Settling down in a completely new environment, meeting different people from various parts of the world and having to fend for yourself all by yourself can actually take a while to get used to.

The queue for registering, setting up an IT account, checking and crosschecking your details, opening a bank account, getting your student ID and other to-do’s can actually take a while. Let’s not forget accommodation and settling in (i.e. buying household things and unpacking). But amongst all, it ends up being fun. During my registration, I came across a girl from Brazil and we became friends right away and chatted away throughout the registration process. Yes, it is also a great way to meet other people.

Moving on to the induction/orientation week, we were given information on the various courses, what to expect from the courses, and what was expected from us; careers, alumni and also about the one night field trip to Brathay. At first, I was sceptical about leaving Manchester -that I had barely figured out – for Brathay but now, I am so happy I went and I would love to go again and spend more than one night.

Brathay was one word – AMAZING. During the one night stay in Brathay, I met lots of people from other countries – India, China, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal and so on – that happened to be my course mates and also other people from other subject areas. Brathay helped me connect with people; it sharpened my knowledge on the usefulness of working in a team as a team; it encouraged helping others that are in need of help; it encouraged sharing; it encouraged patience and the list is endless.

Furthermore, we got to participate in various activities such as flying fox, high V’s, spider web, canoeing, rowing etc and it was definitely fun.

Finally, despite the stressful and hectic past few weeks, everything boils down to you. Why don’t you try conversing with the person sitting next to you while waiting for your turn or better still introduce yourself to your flatmates at your accommodation; visit the museum and attend the various welcome events held by the student union for fresher’s. The University of Manchester is just the beginning into exploring the whole of Manchester.


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