Masters Insights: The MSc Conference on HRM and Industrial Relations, 2015


Let me introduce you to the wonderful conference called ‘MSc Conference on HRM and Industrial Relations’ organised by the course team. The conference invites eminent guest lecturers from the industry who share their views and knowledge to all the students, alumni who shared their life experience beyond the MSc followed by advice for current students, and the best part – a case-study competition among groups of students.

This year the guest lecturers were Dave Cushen  from Shell, Vicky Quek from Barclays, Craig Tindall from Aimia, Jessica Browns from Morrisons, Martin Ferry from BAE Systems and Francesca Leyne from Civil Services. All of them were excellent speakers and shared their views on how their organisations carry out their HR activities, followed by their roles and experiences during their HR career and suggestions for future HR students in the crowd. Some of them even spent some time with individual students who approached them during lunch time. Overall it was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about HR practices in different organisations.

A few alumni members were invited who spoke about how effective the MSc Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations course was and how it helped them in their career. They even shared some exceptional tips with students how to carry out job searches and what are the available options in the field of HR. This event was the first of its kind in the history of the conference and the current students appreciated it a lot.

Finally the case-study competition was a wonderful opportunity, where case studies were given on day-one of the conference and each group was allotted a room to prepare. Day-two was the presentation day where all groups presented. Every two groups were given the same case-study and whichever group presented well were awarded and the overall best group was certified at the closing ceremony of the conference which was celebrated over wine and champagne. There was stiff competition and the basis of judgement was on information presented and how creatively it was done. Every student enjoyed the experience and each group worked hard to prepare the presentation in the short time. It helped all to develop teamwork skills and learn to deliver within deadlines.

I wish all the best to next year’s conference and thank everyone responsible in organising this year. Each student was given a certificate for attending which is quite effective in their CVs and the best group was given special certificate of appreciation. In a nutshell it was 2 days of learning from the best personalities of the HR field and through the case-study competition, highly recommended for all HR students in the next year.


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