Masters Insights: March 2016 – Some memories never fade…


Reetu Jain, India
MSc International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations
Class of 2016

It has been an incredible journey being part of an amazing group of young people studying IHRM (MSc International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations). To begin, there were information sessions and activities to meet other students and the Brathay excursion in the Lake District was, of course, the highlight. This served as a good start in getting to know each other better.

Human Resource Class of 2016

Human Resource Class of 2016

We were together for our presentations, case studies, discussions, meetings and of course, events and parties. Despite our different backgrounds, nationalities and thoughts, a rare and beautiful energy was created in the whole experience. Every moment we spent together has been secured in my memory.

Initially I was challenged by the expectation from the professors, but adopting a host of effective study strategies, gaining a new perspective on the various issues, discussion with the professors and the participants in the class makes it a rewarding experience. Student news, Career service events, and Student Union activities were highly effective ways to get involved on campus very early, making the transition easier!

Workload and high volume of reading is a lot more intense than on my Undergraduate course, but with the help of phenomenal professors at Alliance MBS I am able to stay on top of the work and perform well in the new environment.

Aside from academics, I am having a great time getting involved on campus. I volunteer as a student ambassador for this course where I get the opportunity to support prospective students and visitors. Furthermore, I love to play Squash in Hall sports and enjoy Salsa dancing. My coaches and teammates are awesome. It’s so fun to be the part of Astronomy and Baking societies.

Even though the University has everything I could possibly want, Manchester is a big city! It’s a sporting capital of the UK, there’s nightlife, theatres, museums and art galleries.  It’s a shopping paradise and not far from the countryside. It’s a very spirited environment and I am so happy and thankful to be in Manchester.

Nightlife in UK

Nightlife in UK

Amongst these memories, I missed my family and friends. Suddenly I can’t see them for so many months. It feels nice to be grown up and independent, I have learnt a lot and grown tremendously as a person. Managing my groceries and laundry on my own was a different experience!

The first semester at Alliance MBS was absolutely awesome. It was been filled with new experiences, excitement and challenges and I loved every second. I am looking forward to the rest of semester 2 and the new challenges and adventures that it will bring. Alliance MBS is an excellent place to learn and grow.


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