Masters Insights: March 2016 – Manchester, Management and Me


Akshat Agarwal, India
MSc Management
Class of 2016

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been 5 months since I arrived but it seems like it was only yesterday that I came to the ‘United City’ of Manchester. This journey from India to the UK has been nothing short of amazing. This was my first visit to the UK but I was quite calm and confident when I first came here, thanks to the excellent welcome program and pre-departure communications provided by the University.

As an international student, I was delighted when I found out about the University’s International Accommodation Guarantee. I was assured of a room in the University’s halls of accommodation and I was allocated my first preference out of the three that we were asked to provide. The Welcome week is a must attend for any student enrolling into the University, primarily because the events are planned in such a way that the students get a taste of the kind of activities that happen in the University beyond the classroom and with the campus tours and city tours being offered across the week, it provides a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the new environment.

It is the best time to make friends, spend time with them and not be worried about any upcoming deadlines. Having said that, it would interest you to know that students on the course get sufficient time to pursue their interests away from academic work, even after the course starts in full swing.

The best part about the city is that no matter what your interests are – be it sports, culture, art, history, shopping, food, etc. – Manchester has something to offer. It is almost impossible to not find something that interests you. As of today, I am happy to say that Alliance MBS has proved to me that the world is indeed a small place. I have friends from over 40 countries and I’m sure these friendships will last for a lifetime.

The course is structured and delivered in such a way that people who aren’t from managerial backgrounds don’t feel disadvantaged when sharing the class with someone who has had a former degree in management. Being from a science background like many of my other classmates, I am often able to actively participate in classroom discussions and bring important points to the table.

The course gives you an end to end understanding of how businesses, ranging from SMEs to MNEs, function in today’s dynamic industry environments. Different modules on the course are based on different business functions like marketing, strategy, accounting, human resource management and corporate social responsibility.

With regards to careers, the postgraduate students at Alliance MBS have access not just to the central University careers team but also a dedicated team of experts at the School working exclusively with Alliance MBS masters students to find and apply for jobs.

This one year at Alliance Manchester Business School is shaping out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Until next month!

Bye, aloha, adieu, ciao, auf wiedersehen, sayonara, khuda hafiz ….. 🙂


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