Masters Insights: January 2016 – ‘Before the break’


So many things have happened lately that I hardly know where to start. The last days of Semester 1 at Alliance Manchester Business School were following a quick pace: last classes covering instructions for the coming examinations —all spiced up with a dose of final projects, essays and presentations. The air of Christmas around the city and people making plans for the well-deserved holidays; most of us still trying to finish our endeavours and enjoy our last days before heading home. A desirable break was coming!


I remember the days prior to our last High Technology Entrepreneurship lecture where everybody was working on their final project (a business plan for a venture of our own) and the pressure of deadlines around us. The course finished with a business plan presentation for every team in an elevator pitch style (Pecha Kucha, to be more precise). The experience was quite entertaining and enriching. Once the courses finished, everybody in the class was busy trying to finish the final essay for Innovation and the Knowledge Economy.

The tension of the ending of the first half of the programme, the closing deadlines and the anxiety of the coming break was almost tangible, embracing us and making us experience what a Masters really feels like. After submitting the final essay, most of us were done with school for the rest of the year. Some of us headed to our hometowns, while some others decided to spend the holidays around UK, all with the promise of recharging our energy for 2016, which would begin with the final examinations of three of our subjects.


Before Christmas I travelled to Liverpool with a group of friends. The Beatles’ hometown has more to offer than just the touristic spots that the band immortalized and have become a source of must-see like the Cavern Club. Liverpool —despite its horrendous weather and strong wind that kept destroying our umbrellas and freezing us— is alive with the spirit of Christmas, with big metal reindeers full of lights, Christmas markets and cosy huts to have a drink underneath a gigantic Christmas tree.


I decided to visit London for a couple of days, just before heading back to Mexico. The magnificence of the city seems to be highlighted during this season, with Christmas markets everywhere you go, decorated malls full of shoppers, and the great Winter Wonderland taking over Hyde Park and transforming it into an amusement park full of mechanic games and international food places…


The break was quite satisfying. I got the chance to visit my family and plan a trip to the beach. Everybody seemed to take advantage of that period, whether it was coming back home or travelling around or even staying in Manchester preparing for the exams, we’re all back and ready for what’s next. Time flies as I mentioned in my last entry, and in a blink we’ll be closing another cycle. Lets make it count!



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