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The other day there was an undergraduate student who asked me if the postgraduate program is very tough and always full of work. I answered him as best as I could. So that struck me, maybe many of you want to know how the course MSc Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (HRM-IR) will be in reality, and to mention MSc International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations (IHRM-CIR) is quite similar.

At the very onset, prior knowledge of HRM or related information is not mandatory at all (myself being one such student) but it will always be a help. There will be three terms, two terms will be for two semesters and the last term will be for doing a dissertation. Each semester will have approximately four units and each unit will have three hours of classroom teaching with lectures and seminar sessions.

Simple mathematics says you will have twelve hours of total classroom study. So does that make you happy that you can go clubbing, pubbing and shopping? Well yes of course, but this is your MSc program and trust me it does require you to self-study a lot. You will have to spend time in the library which will provide you with endless books and journals. How much time do you need for self-study? I will say it depends on each individual person but at least I can assure you, you will manage to have some personal leisure time as well!

Assessments are done through essays or examinations or combination of both. I will say assessments are very much standardised and competitive, keeping in mind first it is a postgrad course and not undergrad. In addition, this is Manchester Business School (MBS) at The University of Manchester, so do not think you can simply manage it – you have to put in effort.

Now about your professors, they are very talented and genuinely knowledgeable in their fields. Yet they are very humane, helpful and will go to any extent to help you, even beyond the classroom. You will be assigned personal tutors whom you can seek help from, and during your dissertation there will be supervisors too.

In addition this course is recognised by the professional HR body called the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). This will give an additional opportunity to pursue membership along with your course with dedicated programmes. To sum up there will be a lot of group-work, presentations, conferences, knowledge-gaining and scope to learn, grow, and always improve amongst your colleagues and teachers.

In a nutshell, you will not only graduate with another degree but it is also an opportunity to become a better human-being. The knowledge will not just be for your work or degree, but for life and MBS is successfully making better human-beings for the past 50 glorious years, thus a better world through us now and through you next.



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