Masters Insights: February 2016- ‘The 3 S’s of Manchester: Smart, Social, Simple!’


After spending quite a few months in Manchester, I can say that the city and the University’s environment can be described with three core attributes: Smart, Social and Simple.


Manchester is a smart city. Just imagine taking a trip from the city centre to the periphery and that you would do it in the most comfortable way. In this case, you could benefit from a wide offer of advanced public transports. Lots of buses travel down Oxford Road, the main street The University of Manchester campus is based around. Specific buses are also completely free to students who show their student cards as they get on. Sometimes the average time for the next coming bus is less than a minute!

Also, the city centre benefits from tramlines that are the most silent I have ever heard in the world – no annoying noises disturbing your ears. Modern skyscrapers dominate the sky’s view and many of them host some of the most valuable companies in the UK. Maybe the ones you will end up working for!

In your journey around the city, you might want to explore more of The University of Manchester, even while not physically being there. In fact, you can download the iManchester app and get lots of information in a few seconds: special events, timetables, individual units, available PCs and book research. If you get lost in the vast University of Manchester’s campus, the iManchester app also has an interactive map to help find your location and emergency numbers ready to assist you when required.

I can say that after few months in Manchester, it is possible to notice all the efforts the city and the University have put to improve students’ experience and integrate it with the latest developments in technology.



The University of Manchester has the most social campus in the UK! This is simply a matter of fact. The University has the largest campus in the country (about 40,000 students) and this means that there are thousands of opportunities to socialise and take the most of your time in Manchester.

There are hundreds of societies to join, thought for chocolate lovers, sport champions and tenacious movie watchers. Every year students are invited to create their own societies! I decided to become member of the International Banking, Finance and Economics Society, the Consulting Society and the Italian Society due to my academic interests and geographical origin.

I would say that my participation in IBFE and Consulting Society has been very effective. This year IBFE is partnering with Ernst & Young and we can get access to a number of opportunities such as networking events, mock assessment centres and specific job offers.

The Consulting Society provides continuous information and updates on the current opportunities in the consulting sector that have really helped me to discover a new job market and to manage my application deadlines.

Moreover, The University of Manchester has established a vast alumni network giving access to official clubs joining past and current alumni. This is a unique opportunity to get in touch with managers worldwide, who graduated at The University of Manchester. For instance, I am also a member of the Official AMBS Consulting Club: we meet in order to train ourselves on the most competitive business cases proposed in the assessment processes. It is a very useful training even for people not directly targeting the consulting sector.

However, when it comes to have the real fun, I would say that there is nothing better then the Italian Society! We really know have to spend good times together, especially because we are able to find and prepare some of the best dishes in the world!


A couple of days ago I was having a chat with my colleagues from the MSc Business Analytics course, commenting on our time in Manchester so far. We were really surprised by the number of things that can be easily done or found in the city and the University. Firstly, everyone was able to find new friends during the induction week thanks to the several events organised by the University to stimulate people ‘s relationships: international BBQs, conversation corners, trips around the city and around museums, galleries and libraries.

Manchester is a truly international city, therefore it is very simple to find supermarkets, little shops and restaurants specialised in serving food from all over the world. For instance, Manchester’s Curry Mile is one of the busiest street in Europe for Asian restaurants and stores. Also, my international colleagues were appreciating the efficient connection to the airport, with trains departing from central stations every 10-15 minutes.

Keeping your body in good shape seems to be also very easy. The University has advantageous partnerships with the gyms and there are a number of sport societies providing training for a small joining fee.

When it comes to study time, things can look less simple. Courses usually require a big commitment from students. However, in these circumstances things can also turn out to be easy! The University provides large Library’s facilities, with almost every desired book. There are uncountable study spaces where it is possible to meet and discuss every day and I really take advantage of dedicated rooms to meet and collaborate with my colleagues. This really helped me to go through my exams smoothly. After all, as my one of my dearest colleague said, “Even obtaining good grades is simple, if you put a lot of effort and passion in your studies!” (Peirong Sun, 08/02/2016).



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