Masters Insights: February 2016 – ‘Looking forward to the second semester’


A few weeks ago we finished our first semester! This year, semester one ended the last week in January, after our exams concluded and the second semester began shortly after, on 1 February.

Having exams after winter vacation was a new and challenging experience for a majority of the people on the programme as it was difficult for us to come back from vacation and prepare for exams. Additionally, we had no idea what to expect regarding exam difficulty. Students who enrolled in the Marketing Issues in International Business elective in the first semester were fortunate to only have two exams which, luckily, were separated with a week of study time in between. Students who were enrolled on Finance as a first semester elective only had 3 days in between each exam. Thankfully, after concluding our exams we all had a few days to relax and mentally prepare for semester two.

After exams ended, we had the opportunity to enjoy our time together. Many of my classmates went to other cities in the UK, some went on trips to other countries and some stayed in Manchester. I spent my five days in Manchester, enjoying the city with friends from the programme.

The second semester timetable offers students more flexibility in electives as International Business and Management students only have one required module during the second semester. Although the International Competitiveness and Innovation unit is not being offered this year, we were lucky to be offered places in twelve other units. Three optional units on the MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management course include Global Politics and Global Business, The Management of International Organisational Change and Asian Management Systems. Additionally, students from our course were allowed to enroll in Services Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Business to Business Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Retail Marketing, International Marketing or Crisis Communications from the MSc Marketing course. We also had the option of enrolling in Employment Policy and Practices from the Human Resource Management course or Mergers and Acquisitions from the Accounting and Finance course.



I am thankful for all of the available electives and subsequent timetable flexibility this semester for a variety of reasons. First, I thoroughly enjoy my electives this semester because of the content and also because of the professors. Additionally, I am extremely

fortunate to have both Mondays and Fridays off! This is, however, a bit of a misnomer though because Mondays and Fridays will be spent on campus working on group projects or other activities. Regardless, I enjoy having days without lectures or seminars to attend.

After completing our coursework and exams from the first semester, we have a better idea of what is expected of us in semester two. Now we also need to begin writing our dissertation. I plan to write my dissertation on a topic related to corporate social responsibility and I was happy to have the option of enrolling onto the Corporate Social Responsibility unit. I’ll keep you updated on the units and dissertation progress as the semester continues!


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