Masters Insights: February 2016 – Easter is coming & Part 2 of interview with Alexander Staub


Christian Daniel Dominguez Agiss, Mexico
MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Class of 2016

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
~ Pelé

Hello again, Manchester! Days keep passing by with such an unbelievable speed, it’s incredible that we find ourselves about to finish the first quarter of this new year! Things at Alliance MBS keep happening at the same pace for all of the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (IME) students and, whether we like it or not, we’ll be closing another semester in just a blink. However, this semester has been full of very interesting classes, which have allowed us to enhance our knowledge in several aspects of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

From ‘Eco-innovation Management’ where we learn the importance of sustainability in innovation and the risks that a wrong management pose to our planet, to ‘Innovation and Market Strategy’ where we understand in detail product innovation and all the topics related to it, such as intellectual property rights, product life cycle, rates of diffusion and adoption, etc. Or ‘International Competitiveness, Business Strategy and Innovation Management’ —taught by the Programme Director— where we understand the impact of sectoral systems of innovation and production in shaping technologies, drawing ideas from several other subjects, creating an original thinking from the perspective of a student of innovation management.

These three are the courses that I chose. However, I have heard so many positive comments from all other subjects, like ‘Case Studies in Technology Strategy and Innovation’, which uses a more practical approach, similar to the way ‘Business Creation and Development’ is taught.

Already done with most of our final presentations and working on our final essays and reports, our minds are set now on our dissertation topics, outlining our research proposals and looking forward to this new experience in the life of a Masters student. For some of us, this will be our first experience carrying out a thesis project. Nevertheless the anxiety is mixed with enthusiasm about this coming period.

While making plans for the upcoming Easter holidays, we are also facing deadlines for most of our subjects. But for now, it is time for a deserved break.

Having said all that, I delight you with the second part of the interview with our fellow student from the IME coursee and student representative, Alexander Staub.

Alex, can you please tell us if you are enrolled in extra-academic activities? If so, which ones?
Sure, Daniel. Apart from the society and a gym membership, I am the student representative for the IME course at Alliance MBS. Furthermore, I was a finalist for the University’s Venture Out ideas competition, got shortlisted for Accelerate Me Start-up incubator and I’m currently working in a team on a case competition for OC&C Strategy Consulting

There is always far too much to do and too little time.

How would you describe your student experience so far?
My student experience has been a rollercoaster ride. It was intense, marked by long nights at the library and seemingly insurmountable backlogs of assignments and tasks. However, there was always time to travel, socialise and party. Our class hit it off straight away and we are a great, homogenous community, organising dinners and trips nearly every week. I am very lucky to be able to study with a crowd of such motivated and great people from all over the world. I don’t regret for a second coming to study in Manchester, although at times I forget my Netflix password from having to work on University work for weeks on end.

To finish this interview, what advices would you give to those considering studying at Alliance MBS?
If you decide Manchester is the university for you, then there are a few points of advice I think are important and I would have valued before coming here.

Don’t think just because the first weeks of university are easy going it will remain like this for a long time. Assignments will hit you like an avalanche in no time so make sure you use your first weeks here to travel, enter into societies and get to know your classmates.

Tying into the point above, really try and make use of the clubs and societies. They are both a great way to have fun and meet new people as they are valuable for personal development. I have learned more from regular improv lessons than 3 undergrad courses in accounting and management control put together.

If you are planning to work in the UK, plan accordingly before you even arrive in Manchester. Graduate programme deadlines are as early as the end of September for the most sought after employers. For me this was quite a shock as I only started applying in November. I missed some great job opportunities by not actively getting informed about this beforehand. And if you, like me, are hearing about graduate schemes for the first time, it would be a great starting point to do your research.

Make sure you are comfortable working in groups consisting of a wide variety of cultures and academic backgrounds. While I enjoyed collaborating with a set of different people I never met before, from time to time I encountered challenging situations. If you are not comfortable working together with people who don’t share your background, work preferences or even sense for time, this is definitely not the place for you. If you value exposure to different cultures and new ideas, look no further.

Thank you very much, Alex. I’m sure everyone will find this interview quite entertaining and useful.
Before I finish, I’d like to mention that this past weekend I decided to visit London with a couple of friends. Just over 2 hours from Manchester by train, there is a lot to do in this city, as you can imagine. But our journey already had a target: to visit the Warner Bros studios of Harry Potter in Leavesden. In one word, the experience was: magnificent! If you are a fan, just like us, then that’s one more reason to come to UK. Here are some pictures.

London cliche

London cliché

Baker Street

Baker Street 221 B – Sherlock and Watson

Harry potter

Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts express


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