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I cannot believe we are already starting week 7 of semester 2. Things have definitely sped up and course assignments are keeping all of us busy.

I am still very happy with the units I chose for the second semester (consumer behavior, e-business and retail marketing). I am currently working on a group project for e-business where we have to set up a business model for a digital business start-up. My group’s idea is a mobile dating app that uses cognitive computing and big data analytics to find the perfect match for its users – Tinder, we are coming for ya!

The second project I am currently working on is an individual assignment for my retail marketing class. We had to choose a product line from either Marks&Spencer or Debenhams and have to analyse the current range and make recommendations for the future. I chose swimsuits at Debenhams and while I am having lots of fun going through all the different styles and colors, it is making me really excited for the summer. At least the past week has been super sunny in Manchester, so only the temperatures have to catch up now!

Sophia BlackpoolWe also received our dissertation areas and I was lucky to get my second choice in the area of family consumer behavior. That being said, my specialised pathway will be ‘consumer behavior’. Last week was my first meeting with my supervisor and I proposed 3 topics within the family consumption field that I would be interested in. However, before I will settle for a topic, much more reading has to be done.

Later this semester, I will definitely write a more in depth blog entry about my dissertation. Until then, you can find me in the learning commons reading journal article after journal article.

But of course, sometimes you also need some time to relax and get your mind off things. My friends and I used the weekends in the beginning of the semester for two day trips to Blackpool and York. Both places are only a short train ride from Manchester’s Piccadilly station.

Blackpool was a very misty and cold day. It was so foggy that we were not able to see the ocean when we arrived in the morning. Luckily, it cleared up later in the day and we walked along the shore. However, the cold weather forced us inside and we decided to go to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon. The dungeon was funny and scary at the same time and even taught us a bit about Blackpool’s history.

York ARCHITECTUREIn York we went on a free guided tour by York’s tourist services. In the two hours we learned a lot about the city’s history and the different eras York went through. After the tour my friends and I were starving and went to the Black Swan for lunch and the York Cocoa House for dessert. Both places were recommended to us by our classmates – definitely worth a visit. We returned to Manchester the same night and I would strongly recommend a visit to York!

Thanks for reading, talk to you in April!
Take care!

York City


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