Masters Insights: MSc Management – Student jobs


Name: Venkata Sai SriHarsha
Course: MSc Management 
Home town/country: Hyderabad, India

As a student pursuing a master’s degree, the perks of being able to squeeze some time out for part-time jobs are huge. There are many opportunities available for students at the university and at other places around the city. I have been working at the University as a library ambassador and student blogger in the first semester during my leisure time. The Student’s Union body provides assistance with regards to openings and also advises students about different roles available according to their preference. The University also keeps the students informed through various portals throughout the year which is also of great help.

I firmly believe that part-time jobs aid the understanding of the various theories that are conveyed as part of the curriculum as you get a real world view of their validity while interacting with scores of people. I have also tried to attain certain level of financial independence through paying for my own living expenses which has been a liberating experience.

At this juncture, I would also like to explain about the opportunities available in the city at various locations like food joints, bars, football stadium etc. I also get to work as a kiosk assistant at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United on match days. This particular job gives me immense satisfaction because I always dreamed about working at such a prestigious place as part of my experience here. Other football clubs like Manchester City offer work openings too. The working conditions are of very high standards with great care taken towards hygiene and well-being of the employees. All the candidates are given proper training and their roles are clearly defined to avoid any kind of ambiguity. The most challenging aspect of my work is to interact with all types of customers and pay careful attention to the body language and work ethics.

The Masters courses are very intensive, and you need to make sure that you find the right balance between your study and your part-time work or voluntary work. While I have found this a challenge, I would recommend students consider taking part in voluntary work or part-time work if they have the time as it promises to be incredibly fulfilling and the experience shall hold you in good stead in the professional world.


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