Masters blogs: Semester Two – Where is the time going?


So, semester two came upon us before we knew it, but with time for a quick and much needed break in Amsterdam with my boyfriend just after my last January exam! It’s so easy to get to Manchester airport from Oxford Road station making it a stress free trip, and a perfect way to refresh before the new term.

After getting stuck in to the new term’s modules, it was time for the AMBS Annual Student Conference for HRM and IHRM students. This was a two day event is fantastically organised by the School. There were a variety of speakers from the HR industry, from many different sectors.
Encouragingly many were ex-AMBS students who had gone on to be successful in their respective careers. They gave great insights into the practical world of HR, as well as patiently answering all of our many questions! It made me feel very proud to be part of such an esteemed School and excited for my future career.

We were also partnered into teams to give a presentation on the second day of the conference regarding a HR article which covered a contemporary aspect of HRM. Ours was on the subject of the personal use of technology at work, which raises a whole number of HR related issues. It was an engaging task and our team worked really well together to address the issues raised, create and deliver our presentation. We were all very happy with how it had gone, as you can see below!

masters students

The dream team

As part of the Employment Law module, an essential if you are wishing to practice HR, we were required to attend an Employment Tribunal to view proceedings. It really put into context what we had learnt in our lectures and through further study. Employment Law is such a fascinating area, and the module is brilliantly organised by our lecturer, Roger. He makes a potentially very challenging subject attainable and very interesting. The same goes for all of my other module choices this term, the teaching has been great as always.

On the other side of life away from studies, I have been attempting to make the most of my gym membership and keep active. So far so good but ask me again when the weather gets better and it may be a slightly different story! It occurred to me the other day quite how many gyms there were in the city, these Mancunians like to keep fit! So if you do too, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve also been keeping up with my weekly belly dance lessons, with three routines on the go we’re practicing hard for an upcoming performance at the end of the month. It’s quite a lot to remember alongside my studies!

To balance out all that health, my friends and I have also been sampling some of the culinary delights Manchester has to offer, including a restaurant with a separate dessert room – the dream.

Moving on from dessert rooms, the term is going great so far. Again, it’s a challenge with a number of upcoming deadlines as with the first semester, but starting early has provided reassurance. I still can’t believe teaching is nearly over, time flies when you’re having fun!


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