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G’Day all, Jack here again!

The month of March was a test for many of us, the first half we were still undertaking classes and the second half was the Easter holidays. Assignments were creeping in week by week and applications for graduate jobs were beginning to close.

As we are currently in our Easter break, some students decided to pack their bags and explore Europe despite tragic events, others decided to visit their parents and probably get a good meal in. For me, it was organised a couple of months prior; that one of my best friends and I would hike the Lake District over the Easter period.

I highly recommend for any tourist to visit Windermere and go on an adventure through the area. Unfortunately due to poor weather, my friend and I only camped for one night and hiked for two days – there was beautiful scenery to admire and was a refreshing break away from the books. I was pleased that I went on this adventure. We were happy to be having a break and exploring the beautiful parkland of what this country can offer up North.

Nevertheless just over 24 hours later we were on a train back to Manchester.  We had the opportunity to celebrate Easter, eating Hot Cross buns and Easter eggs; and attending the local church service.

The beginning of spring kicks off in March and for most of my housemates, seeing snow is a rare occasion they wouldn’t have seen back home. It was unfortunate we couldn’t make any snowmen! My advice for when you arrive in Manchester is – pack warm clothes and be prepared for 4 seasons in a day!

snow in manchester

So March was the month, for our course in particular, to begin applying for the summer client facing projects/internships…exciting times ahead for the next 3 months and competition was heating up for particular roles.  Most projects are based on an advisory around the theme of technology and working with small start-up companies, as Manchester has been branded the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Students are exposed to real life client problems and assist the company. It is exciting that it commences so soon. Another piece of advice for students is to collaborate closely with the careers staff who are willing to assist you in any capacity from interviews to CV writing, get on it early.

As the programme is undertaken with different units each with a different deadline, I am lucky that I have made strong progress on each of these and I have also been interacting with other students from other programmes and faculties. It is always refreshing to develop new friendships whether your classmates are from Slovakia or Iran.  It is thrilling to experience new cultures at Manchester.

That’s it for March, in April we will undertake interviews for our client projects and be working towards more deadlines for reports and presentations…it will be a challenge however I also have the opportunity to represent Australia at a leadership event that I am looking forward to sharing with you all.

Till next time.

All the Best.




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