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Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain all the time in Manchester. I was beginning to wonder myself, but lately the weather’s improved a lot. This is great because it means I can now walk around Manchester without hiding under an umbrella all the time. There’s load of really beautiful parks around the city which are nice when you want an escape from studying. Whitworth Park and Platt Fields Park are near the University and are lovely when the sun is shining.

Alanna pic 1

Some images of where I live in Fallowfield on a sunny day recently

My best friend from home came to visit me recently, which let me act like a tourist and visit all the museums, galleries and sights that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to. We had a really busy weekend because there’s so much to see. We went to visit Manchester Museum, the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery, John Ryland’s Library, went shopping in the Arndale, and visited a few of my favourites bars in the Northern Quarter.

The weather getting better also means we’re closer to exam period, and the timetable was released today. We only have three exams and there’s large gaps between them, giving more time to study. Most of our assignments will be handed in by next week, and then there are only a few more weeks of lectures, so there is sufficient revision time.

I’m also excited about getting started on data collection for my dissertation, which involves gathering survey responses from employees and their supervisor to try and understand why people engage in behaviour that may be counterproductive while at work. The dissertation is by far my favourite aspect of the course because it is our own original work. I prefer this to our normal essays and reports as it allows me to be a little bit more creative.

Also, before Easter we were provided with a complimentary two-day workshop on consultancy skills, which is a really good feature that I wasn’t aware of when I chose this course. Two experienced consultancies came in and spoke to us about how they form successful client relationships, plan projects and sell their ideas to prospective customers. This was useful as an insight into the practitioner side of organisational psychology, and I would highly recommend to next year’s students to attend, even though it is optional.



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