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Reetu Jain, India
MSc International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations
Class of 2016

Learnt a lot by reading and writing? It’s time to gear up and put that knowledge into practice in the corporate world.  We have spent a lot of years studying, reading, report writing, learning and getting ready to make the mark in the corporate world. Now when it’s about to come to an end, it’s both exciting and agonizing to be prepared to take the next leg of the journey. It takes careful planning to get ready for the corporate world and the University offers a lot of options to make the transition.

Gain work experience
There are ample opportunities to  gain real world work experience through volunteering, part-time jobs internships or freelance work. This not only brings much needed pocket money for my student life, but also enhances much needed skills for interviews, communication, customer care, networking  with  people and building workplace etiquette. These experiences add to my marketable skills and this is what the corporate world wants you to demonstrate. I try to aim for a more relevant job, but it’s fine to gain any work experience to prove that you can operate in the real world.  Getting on-the-job experience through an internship is the best way to build wonderful credentials on your CV. Apply quickly, before they are all gone!


Communication, communication, communication
The University Language Centre offers courses to build excellent English language fluency and communication skills, which is the most essential skill for graduate recruiters. I took an insessional course to help me to improve my English skills. The Centre offers courses in a range of modern foreign languages too. It helps me to mix with the students from different countries.

Networking and Connecting
International student networks help me to network with former international students working in the UK or overseas and to stay in touch with the job market. I got the opportunity to participate in the  Peer2Peer mentoring scheme and my mentor helps me to prepare to work in the new working environment. Joining the student society and taking up the volunteering opportunities helps me to connect with the students  from other countries.


Market yourself effectively
I found the University Careers Service quite impressive. They offer a  lot  of events, one-on-one sessions to prepare CVs and cover letters, advice on using social media to search the jobs, internships and other work opportunities. It helps me enormously to get prepared for interviews and assessment through various events. Attending these events helps  me to network with top companies and understand their requirements.


Job Search
Finding a job is a job itself. In this tough job market, start early as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie as long as you are a flexible working individual, you have a greater chance of getting hired.


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