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A month and a half into my job and it feels like ages since I moved to London. I find the city and my work-life balance to be exactly if not more than what I hoped for. To give you an idea of how my weeks look like, keep reading the below…

Day by day, I like the work I get involved in even more. At the moment, I am doing product management within the retail division at Barclays which I find to be a very rewarding job for two reasons: 1. Not only do I get to work on ideas and strategies but also get to implement the solutions and monitor their performance 2. I work across the business with a lot of stakeholders which means that I get exposure to a variety of things from how to handle the operations and IT side of a product to marketing the product. Besides this, I also enjoy going out with my colleagues or catching up over coffee. The working environment at Barclays is very relaxed and supportive, which I am really thankful for.

During weekends, I like to keep busy as well, either within or outside the city. Not long ago, I took a day trip to Bath and on my way there, stopped by Stonehenge. A few other highlights of the trip included the Roman Baths and the Spa. Very recently, I also visited Manchester. This brought back so many memories from university, it made me feel like I was returning home. Other than playing the visitor in the UK, I am quite keen on exploring the culinary spectrum of London so I could say I am enjoying eating out especially during the weekends. I am looking to find my favourite spots and let me tell you, I already have many to recommend. Last but not least, I finally got the chance to try out boxing, something I planned on doing for quite some time. It was a sweaty experience, I can say, but very much worth it as well.

But enough from me boring you with details, I think it is best if I let the pictures speak for themselves….

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