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Hi everyone!

I am back to writing but this time as a recent graduate of University of Manchester and a young professional in London. To go straight to the topic of what I have been doing, let me just start with a quick background.

After graduation, I went back home to Romania for a few weeks of what counted as my last holiday for quite some time. To put it shortly, I went to the seaside with a couple of friends and then spent some time in Cluj at the Untold Music Festival. My thoughts on this? I couldn’t have had a better summer than this one, it did feel like a celebration of my achievements for the past three years spent at University of Manchester.

Filled up with excitement, I embarked on my post-graduation journey and moved down to London. Probably some of you remember that I did an internship at Barclays the previous summer which secured me a graduate scheme within the same bank. Thus, I joined Barclay’s end of August for ITP (Initial Training Programme) which turned out to be quite the experience for me. From going to a military academy for team building to attending an etiquette dinner and volunteering to be a mentor for young children, I found myself adjusting to the fast-paced life in London rapidly. It’s been an amazing experience which only left me waiting eagerly to see how work on a day-to-day basis would be like.

More recently, I just joined my team at Barclays. I am currently working in Retail Banking doing Proposition Management and Performance Analysis for the bank’s current account products. With half of my team based up in Coventry, I actually started off my graduate scheme with the challenge of being lined managed from a different city. Nevertheless, I think this could have not worked out better. I found that the dynamic lifestyle of London is easily recognizable within a professional corporate environment which keeps me busy throughout the week but at an enjoyable pace. I should not even have to mention the weekends. They are a blessing in disguise, I never know how they can go so fast.

This is all from me now but I will be back with a new article soon enough on how things have been going on my end.

Have a great time back at uni and good luck to all of you!

@ Untold Festival

@ Untold Festival



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