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‘The broad range of subjects I studied definitely helps me in new client situations, ensuring I can put issues into a wider business context.’

 img28Q&A with Neil McGregor who graduated in BSc (Hons) International Management in 2008 and is currently working as a Supplier Development Director at NSW State Government in Australia. 





Why did you choose to study your chosen course?

I had narrowed my search down to a management degree at a few universities and was also keen to do a work placement to extend the degree to four years and gain more practical experience. After visiting Manchester I was sold on the city and opted for a degree with an exchange year instead of a work placement. I actually ended up getting both by organising a work placement as part of my university course on exchange.

What did you enjoy most about your time at university?

The exchange year was a major highlight. Despite the amount of work, final year was actually my favourite time at university. There was a great sense of community amongst the returning exchange students. We had all matured whilst away and this ensured that we made the most of our time back in Manchester, working hard and obviously celebrating accordingly at the end of a deadline!

As a student, did you have a particular career path in mind?

In choosing a management degree you know the sort of job you would like to go into but I hadn’t chosen a specific industry or job title. The careers service was very helpful in this respect. Also, the various company presentations and guest lectures at Alliance MBS gave me a better idea of what I did and didn’t want to do, plus contacts to follow up with when making applications.

What job/s have you gone into since graduating?

After graduating I joined Deloitte Consulting in Supply Chain, spending 5 years in the London/UK office before spending a further 2 years on secondment to the Vancouver, Canada office to hone my client skills…and snowboarding! I left Deloitte at the end of 2015 and am now working as an internal consultant in NSW State Government in Sydney, Australia.

 Were there any particular elements within your course that helped to prepare you for your career?

The broad range of subjects I studied definitely helps me in new client situations, ensuring that I have a broad understanding and can put issues into a wider business context. My exchange year was a fantastic experience and the taste of consulting and associated work placement were invaluable in securing a job at Deloitte. Also, specialising in supply chain modules in my final year gave me a good background of key concepts and I actually used some of my lecturer’s contacts to support an internal transfer within Deloitte.

What are your future aspirations?

To settle down and stay in one country! Having travelled around a lot with work I’ve now gone full circle returning to Australia where I completed my MBS exchange eight years ago and am currently completing the Australian permanent resident process.  I’d like to use my current position to transition out of Procurement into broader business transformation and change management roles, whilst maintaining work life balance going surfing before/after work.


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