June 2017: Summertime and exams


Hi guys! 

This is going to be a rather short update as I have been so busy with exams (just two more to go!!) 

 Despite all the revising we have to do, a few friends and I managed to find some time to have our own barbecue! I blame the amazing weather for my lack of determination to stay indoors and revise. No regrets, it was amazing, we got marinated chicken wings from the curry mile, and a barbecue set from Tesco for only 2 pounds! (10/10 would recommend) If you can’t wait for the food to cook cause you’re starving, pop it into the oven for a bit first so the inside cooks well hahaha. Half way through the barbecue it started raining, so we had to improvise and barbecue by holding an umbrella above the food so the fire doesn’t go out. Fortunately, the rain stopped after about 10 minutes and the sun came out again, that’s Manchester for you everyone, don’t panic.

Another significant event that happened in May was the CIP workshop! I’ve written about this last year and I’m very happy to be able to lead the students officers for the workshop this year. There were presentations given by lecturers, students and learning technologists to encourage “partnerships” to encourage teaching innovation and help better the student experience in this university. 2 of our student presentation had a theme of “Challenges students face in transition to higher education” and “Student contribution to course curriculum and structure (hacking the course!)” Do contact me if you guys are interested in joining the team! By tweeting (@weikacar) me or dropping me a message on facebook! (Wei Ka)

 I have also stepped down from my position at the Accounting Society as the Head of Careers. It was a good year with the team and we had a handing over dinner at Ziya. All the best to the new committee next year! I’m sure they’ll do great 🙂 

On the 22nd of May, a truly devastating thing happened at the Manchester Arena and my thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected. On the 26th of May, Yoosa and I decided to pay our tributes to the victims of the Manchester bombing in St Ann’s Square and what I saw there really touched me. Everyone there was being very supportive and loving. People came from all over the country to pay their tributes. I’ve grown to love this city so much and having this happen here was really heart breaking but Manchester has handled it so well, responding with so much love and grace. There are better days ahead! 


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