June 2016: The work-life balance


It is June, It is summer, it is the end of exams, cue the screams of joy and sighs of relief. We are finally done, but for masters students, not quite. The summer is a third semester to come up with a dissertation and that can be difficult due to conflicting interests. We all want to relax and put our feet up after a long 9 months of hard work. However, this is the last lap, we cannot afford to mess up our achievements so far. Thus, work-life balance is the name of the game.

Students on the OPSCM course are masters of balance, multitasking with work while enjoying the nice weather. A little club crawl here and a little bar visit there makes researching and writing the dissertation a bit more bearable.

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The European Championships (Euro 2016) also serves as a welcome distraction. Nevertheless, their timing during the day makes it difficult to balance studying and being patriotic to your footballing nation. Thus, we on the OPSCM course have found ways to make the Euros accessible while getting work done. Here are tips to make the Euros your own.


I will call this the Tunde special. Tunde suggests opening multiple tabs, for work and one for your preferred game. You may mute the tab if your working style is sensitive to sound. Thus, you can spare a few glances to the game while getting your work done as well.

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Our friend Martin here throws out Tunde’s idea and suggests utilising the learning commons study rooms as your personal football-viewing site (just kidding). I am overstating but little breaks are definitely essential to keep your brain fresh and receptive to useful information. Thus, unwinding through watching the games during short breaks may be a method to consider as well.



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We all work differently and some of us feel more comfortable relaxing in our beds to get our work done. However, this leaves room for complacency. Thus, discipline is key while using this method. If you cannot see yourself missing some of the Euros games, you may watch them but recalibrate your work schedule. You can work all night, sleep in and watch the games as your treat to yourself. Did someone say win-win situation?

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I hope these are useful tips that help with enjoying the Euros during the dissertation period. Finally, good luck to all my friends’ countries competing in the Euros. May the best men win!!



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