June 2016 – Freedom


Hello everyone

Exams are finally finished, and the last three weeks have been absolutely hectic with multiple celebrations of freedom. On the night we finished our exams, our course coordinators kindly provided us with a fully paid for function in the Business School’s postgraduate building. This was both fun and a little sad as the building is going through a huge renovation and rebuilding project. It looks as though future Alliance MBS students will have amazing study facilities.

Below you can see a picture of almost all of us (both Organisational and Business Psychology) and our always helpful programme administrator Matt enjoying our freedom!

masters 1
I also recently attended the Alliance MBS postgraduate ball with some of my closest friends from the class. This is organised by the Horizon Society, who hold events for all of the School’s postgraduates. The ball was held in the Midland, a very fancy hotel right in the city centre. It was honestly one of the best nights out I have had in a while, and I highly recommend it to next years students. Here is one of my favourite photos of the night:

masters 2

I also celebrated my 22nd birthday this month, and was lucky to have not one but two great nights out! Of course, the end of exams also means the start of the dissertation period and we have now all started data collection and will be getting stuck in to writing the report itself. Most people have taken a week or two off to relax or visit home, something I would advise incoming students to do, as the exams can be exhausting. We were well prepared for them by our lecturers, but it is still a lot of effort to study continuously in the weeks before them. It’s important to avoid burnout, something you’ll be learning more about soon!

I’m really looking forward to going home to Ireland next week to see my family. The job hunt continues, but the good news is that far more positions for trainee business/occupational psychologists have opened up in recent weeks. Employers are aware that MSc students finish in September so these openings are advertised much later than traditional grad schemes. Our administrator emails us about opportunities that he becomes aware of, however I would also advise people to be proactive and look yourself; after all it is your future. Things are looking promising, hopefully I will have more news on this next month and will be able to give you a bit more insight into how occupational psychology consultancies select for these roles.

I’m also currently very busy preparing for the British Psychological Society conference next month, where I will be representing the Division of Occupational Psychology and also presenting my dissertation research for the first time.

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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